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Chewing someone else's food for them

Would you do it?
If someone asked you to chew their food for them, would you do it?
Yes, I would
Yes, but I'd charge them for it.
No, I wouldn't.
No, that's really a disgusting thought.
If they had a good reason for it, I would.
I wouldn't do it no matter what the reason.
If their jaw was broken or they had no teeth, would you chew their food for them?
Yes, I would chew their food if they had medical problems.
No, I still wouldn't chew their food.
No, I wouldn't but I'd see if I could find someone else who would.
If you chewed their food for them, how would you give it to them?
I would spoon feed it to them from my mouth.
I would spoon feed them from a plate that I spit the food unto.
I would spit the food directly into their mouth.
I would have them suck the food from my mouth through a straw.
I would have them place their mouth over mine and have them lick it out with their tongue.
I would have a tight mouth-to-mouth seal with them so that the food wouldn't dribble down our chins.
If you chewed someone's food for them, would you do it in public?
Yes, I would.
I would do it at a public restaurant.
I would do it at the family dinner table.
I would do it at a party.
I would only do it in private.
I would not do it in public or in private.
I would videotape it & sell it on eBay.
How else might you consider serving them the food you chewed?
I could place it in a plastic container & refrigerate it until they wanted it.
I would ask them not to eat it until I was not around to see them do it.
If a street person asked you to chew their food for them, would you do it?
Yes, I would.
I would do it for them out of kindness.
No, I would not.
If they gave me the food to chew, I would.
I would chew my own food & give it to them for free.
Who else would you consider chewing food for?
A friend.
Only my best friend.
My girlfriend/boyfriend.
My husband/wife.
My dad/mom.
My brother/sister.
My aunt/uncle.
My cousin.
My grandpa/grandma.
My dog.
My worst enemy.
My boss.
My teacher.
My homey.
Who would you ask to chew food for you?
My friend.
My best friend.
My boyfriend/girlfriend.
My mom/dad.
My brother/sister.
My aunt/uncle.
My niece/nephew.
My grandpa/grandma.
My dog.
My worst enemy.
My boss.
My teacher.
My homey.
A street person.
A street person who I would pay to do it so that they could make some money.
What do you think of the idea of chewing someone else's food for them?
It's a nice thought.
I like it - how sweet!
I don't think much of this idea.
I find this thought repulsive & disgusting.
This sounds like something only a pervert would do or want.
It sounds like a very christian thing to do like Mother Theresa washing the feet of the poor & lame.
How do you feel about this poll?
Wonderful! I'm glad I read it.
I really wish I had passed this one by.
Yucky, yucky, yucky!
I found it creative & thought provoking.
I think this should be discussed in greater depth.
Thank you for thinking of this!
This poll was created on 2003-12-19 19:49:14 by brainproof