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Is Genetic Engineering Safe?

Are Gentically Modified Organisms really safe? Will we modify ourselves in the process? You be the judge!
Are you aware that many of the foods you find in the grocery store today are Genetically Modified?
Yes, and I'm scared.
No. What's Genetically Modified?
Begining with the 1996 harvest, American parents began feeding their babies bottles of formula made from 'Roundup Ready' soybeans, (a plant gentically modified to withstand large quantities of Roundup herbacide.) The maker of Roundup is also the maker of these soybeans. These soybeans are engineered to absorb these chemicals and still live... (that's why they are called Roundup Ready.) The problem, of course, being that WE then, in turn, eat the Roundup Pesticide, ourselves. (because it's in the soybeans) Q. Were you, before now, familiar with 'Roundup Ready' soybeans (which, incidentally, account for 60% America's soy harvest)?
yes, I have heard of this
no, I did not know that these pesicide-friendly plants existed
what's a soybean?
Do you ever have any of these symptoms after lunch/dinner out?
stomach aches
trouble concentrating and/or thinking (1-2 hours after eating)
swelling of the abdomen/waist
tightness in neck/shoulders
general stiffness throughout body
chills and/or hot flashes
burping (not during your meal... later on)
no, I don't suffer any discomfort after eating.
Have you gained weight recently (perhaps in the last three years) that you cannot explain? (ie: your lifestyle really hasn't changed, but your pants don't really fit right, or you feel 'bloated' a lot of the time)...
yes... I feel more bloated... but I haven't really gained weight.
yes... my weight has increased.
no... I feel bloated sometimes after eating, but then it goes away.
no... I haven't gained weight in the last three years
Recently, genetically modified trees have been added to American forests. Many scientists believe they will pollinate with the native species, which could result in an unprecidented ecological disaster. What do you think 'We the People' can do to make this situation better?
find out where these trees are being made and destroy them, now, like the UK did in 1997
have a sit-in outside the companies who make these trees, Ghandi-style
buy only 100% certified Organic food so that these companies lose money
write letters/fax our government to let them know this sucks
all of the above
The Mexican government is quite angry with the U.S. for creating Genetically Engineered Corn. The reason for this is that Mexico's staple food is corn, and over the course of hundreds of years, their country was able to naturally create 7 different strains of corn that enabled their people to obtain harvests through any kind of season, whether it be rainy, dry, hot, cold, etc. Our introduction of GE corn into the environment ruined their native corn forever. They are no longer able to tell how their crops will do, because they can no longer tell which corn is which. Our GE corn has interbred so quickly that their staple food is no longer always available. We could now be responsible for a nation-wide Mexican famine! Doesn't this prove, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that the U.S. is NOT in control of what they are doing?
I don't know
the U.S. never knew what they were doing!
In 2000, a women named Grace Booth, a residential director for troubled youth in San Francisco, was rushed to the emergency room with her throat closed and her lips tingly and swollen. She had just eaten a meal she prepared herself, enchiladas made with corn tortillas. She used corn tortillas made from Starlink corn, which at the time were widely available to the public. This newly modified corn was experimental, and contained a a toxic protein built-in, to kill insects that feed on corn. Dozens of Americans wound up in the hospital due to this corn variety. Have you ever had any of the below adverse reactions to corn?
slight swelling/tingling of the lips
bloating of the abdomen/stomach area
pants fitting a lot more snug around the waist (immeadiately following the meal)
tightness in the neck/back/shoulders
burping (after, not during the meal!)
ears turning red (yes, this really does happen!)
Did you see the movie Jurassic Park?
part of it
If you did see Jurassic Park, did you realize it dealt with the mishaps of Genetic Engineering?
Yes, quite scary!
No. But now that you mention it...
Oh! Is that what it was about!
Actually, I couldn't stop looking at Jeff Goldblum's chest
Have you read the book Silent Spring, by Rachel Carson?
yes, yikes!
no, not yet
Since America in space is not anywhere close to the Star Trek future our parents dreamed of, isn't it important that we don't screw this planet up? (It's not like we can leave...)
yeah, we should take care not to harm the planet we've got
nah, technology will come to the rescue and save us
what do you mean, it's not like Star Trek?!
Last question... If we feed our children experimental food, what kind of country is this?
kind of a scary one
third world
we are all slaves, it doesn't matter
experiments are COOL
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