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Your Music

This poll is to find out about Music as a part of your life.
How much of your waking hours is spent with music audible?
90% or more.
Less than 10%
Of all the music you hear, how much of it is YOUR music, your choice played on your stuff?
90% or more.
Less than 10%
Do you like most of the music that you hear which is NOT under your own control?
Yes, I like nearly all music fairly well.
About half and half.
No, other people's music mostly sucks.
Is your preferred choice of music pretty much the same as that of most of your friends?
Yeah, man, we all like the same stuff.
Pretty much divided
Naw, my friens like crap.
Is your music preference fairly mainstream?
Yes, I can listen to the radio and hear pretty much waht I like.
Some mainstream stuff is pretty good, but I have wider tastes.
No, My music preferences are pretty exotic and I have to search for it.
Would you prefer to listen to music alone?
Yes---it's what I want to hear and I get to choose it.
In between.
No---Music is a social thing, and I have to be part of a crowd.
How loud?
Wide open---really blasting.
Pretty loud, but there's a limit.
I like it to rock, but not that loud.
I like it turned down pretty low.
How much would someone have to pay you to go to a place for six months, where your friends would be there and you could be otherwise comfortable, but music would be non-existent and you couldn't hear any music?
Wouldn't do it for a million dollars.
Over $100,000.
Nothing---when do we leave?
This poll was created on 2003-12-26 00:43:49 by jtur88