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The Ramsey Murder

JonBenet Ramsey died in her own home in 1996, the victim of a homicide. She was six years old. There appears two be two issues that are unresolved, which is having a direct effect on any possible outcome in solving this murder. (1) The Boulder Police Department have believed from day one that the parents killed Jonbenet. The Police have since stalled the entire investigation because they still do not have enough evidence to bring John and Patricia Ramsey to court to obtain a conviction. (2) Lou Smit was asked to help with the investigation since this was his line of work. His investigation, using evidence the Boulder Police Department gathered, lead him to believe an intruder may have entered the house and killed JonBenet. (going against the Boulder Police Department) This cast has been going on now for seven years and there have been no arrests.
Who killed Jonbenet Ramsey?
I'm not aware of who Jonbenet is
I think that the Parents did it
I think an intruder did it
Do you think the Boulder Police are doing the right thing?
Yes, they are doing the best they can
The Boulder Police only want to convit the Parents
No, the Police are making things worse
The Boulder Police should listen to Lou Smit
No, the Boulder Police should be investigated
Is this investgation taking too long?
No, some crimes take years to solve
No, this is just a crime that can not be solved
Yes, surely they must have some idea who did it
Yes, but they need Lou Smit's help to solve it
Should we listen to Lou Smit?
No, he entered the investigation to late
No, his intruder thery is wrong
Yes, his theroies should be looked at
Yes, Lou Smit can solve this crime
What about John and Patricia Ramsey?
The police should investigate them further
They should confess to killing their own daugther
They deserve to know the truth
They should be compensated for what the police have put them through
Do you think there is a conspiracy within the Boulder Police Department to effectively stop any investigation that will lead to an answer other than what the Boulder Police want?
No, there is no conspiracy
Yes, but it does not involve the Boulder Police
Yes, and it does involve the Boulder Police
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