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What's your Favorite G.I.Joe?

G.I.Joe is likely the best known action figure of all time. In his long history, though, he has had many different incarnations, and the future looks to be more varied than ever! What's your favorite, and what about it makes it your favorite, and where do you think G.I.Joe should head in the future?
What's your favorite G.I.Joe?
12" Vintage Military
12" Modern "Adventures" Line
12" Vintage Adventure Team
12" "Adventures 2010" Line
3 3/4" Real American Hero
G.I.Joe Micro Machines
12" Hall of Fame
12" Classic Collection
12" Timeless Collection
If your favorite is 12" Vintage Military, why?
He's the first action figure!
Military realism
All Joes since fall short
If your favorite is 12" Vintage Adventure Team, why?
Like G.I.Joe but not military
Variety of accessories
Kung-Fu Grip and fuzzy hair.
If your favorite is 3 3/4" Real American Hero, why?
Cool characters (good and bad)
Good size for action figures
Large number of characters
So many cool vehicles
Do you think Hasbro should bring back the 3 3/4" G.I.Joes one more time?
Yes, at all costs!
Yes, but new characters.
No, it's had its run.
If Hasbro were to bring back the 3 3/4" G.I.Joe, how would you like to see it return?
3-packs like TRU exclusives
Individually packaged figures
Don't want to see it return
Among the various special teams over the years was your favorite, that you might like to see return?
Tiger Force
Python Patrol
Star Brigade
Iron Grenadiers
Ninja Force
Drug Elimination Force
Oktober Guard
Lunartix Aliens
Sonic Fighters
Night Force
If your favorite was the 12" Hall of Fame G.I.Joe, why?
Marked the return of 12" Joe
Liked 12" figs of 3 3/4" Joes
Liked 30th Anniversary figs.
If your favorite is the 12" Timeless Collection, why?
Reminiscent of original Joe
Best 12" Joe presently made
Like the "character" choices
Like the accessories, etc.
If your favorite is the 12" Timeless, do you believe Hasbro should scrap the 12" Classic Collection?
Yes, Classic is worthless.
No, there's room for both.
If your favorite is 12" Classic Collection, why?
Best 12" Joe ever made!
Like the trooper choices
Like the accessories, etc.
If 12" Classic is your favorite, do you think Hasbro should scrap the Timeless Collection?
Yes, Timeless is worthless.
No, there's room for both.
What do you think of historic characters in the modern 12" Joe lines, like Buzz Aldrin, General Lee, Colin Powell, etc.
Some are cool, others less so.
I think they're all great!
Terrible. They're not G.I.Joe
What do you think of the new "Adventures of G.I.Joe" line?
Love it!
Hate it!
Doesn't matter to me.
What would you most like to see given greater emphasis in the 12" G.I.Joe line?
Revolutionary War
Civil War
World War I
World War II
Korean War
Vietnam War
Modern Military
More Foreign Military
Space Exploration
More "Adventures"
What do you think of the efforts of 21st Century's "Ultimate Soldier" products?
Love it all.
Hate it all.
Figures are cool, uniforms not
Uniforms cool, figures are not
Vehicles are great!
Vehicles are terrible!
How do you think 21st Century's "Ultimate Soldier" compares with Hasbro's "G.I.Joe"?
Hasbro's still on top!
21st Century's the best!
They're about even.
Each has its strengths.
What do you think G.I.Joe will be like on his 50th anniversary?
Living large at 12".
Kicking Cobra again at 3 3/4".
12", 3 3/4", and maybe more.
Virtual Joes in cyberspace.
Recycled plastic.
A hero now and always!
What do you think of THE CORPS line of 3 3/4" figures produced by Lanard?
Some nice new recent additions
Always liked it
Hated it now and always
No real opinion
Which of the following concept ideas would you like to see developed for the 12" G.I.Joe line?
World War II foreign (not necessarily German)
Modern Soviet soldiers
Futuristic Space Exploration (Mars Explorer)
United Nations Troops
More non-military (Adventures, Police, Fire, Medical, etc.)
If the 3 3/4" line were to ever return with sufficient impact to warrant the development of new special teams, which of the following concept ideas would appeal to you?
Time Warriors (soldier types from ancient to modern to future)
Cyber-Warriors (G.I.Joe and Cobra in cyberspace!)
More Cobra-specific special teams
Battle-Armor (G.I.Joe and Cobra in chromed battle armor <NOT Armor-Tech>)
Talking Joes with CommTech Chips
New Enemy Teams besides Cobra
An International Team (reps from Joe, Oktober Guard, and others worldwide)
What do you think of the plan to add certain "action features" such as "pistol-drawing action" or "machete-swinging action" to certain new entries in the Classic Collection Joes for 2000?
I think it's a great idea that will add to the playability.
I think it's a stupid idea that will hinder the articulation.
If it's a cool trooper, it doesn't matter to me one way or the other.
What is your opinion of the new "Adventures of G.I.Joe 2010" line and its background concept?
I like it! It will have greater appeal to kids.
It's okay, but it's just not my style for G.I.Joe.
Hate it! The figures look too weird for G.I.Joe.
The concept is an insulting rip-off of the 3 3/4" concept.
What do you think of the new G.I.Joe Micro Machines?
They're great! I always liked Micro Machines of all types.
They're just repaints of old Galoob stuff. Who needs 'em?
It's nice to see SOMETHING representing G.I.Joe 3 3/4".
If Hasbro won't make 3 3/4" figures, they shouldn't taunt us with these.
What do you think of the new G.I.Joe logo on the Micro Machines (a blue and silver globe with silver "wings").
I like it. It shows that the G.I.Joe/Cobra conflict is a global one.
I hate it! G.I.Joe should be a Real AMERICAN Hero!
No real opinion about the logo.
No real opinion about the logo OR the Micro Machines.
If Hasbro were to consider a number of options for keeping the 3 3/4" concept (G.I.Joe Team vs. COBRA) on the market, which of the following (you may select as many as you like) would you consider appropriate for the line?
3 3/4" figures and vehicles made as they were in the 80's-90's?
Micro Machines and Micro Machine-based Playsets?
3 3/4" figures and vehicles with new design, perhaps like Star Wars?
8" "Epic Force"-style figures with dramatic posing and detail?
9" figures using the "DC Super-Heroes" bodies and cloth costumes?
12" figures with cloth costumes, useing Classic Coll. bodies?
Something completely different?
Of the options in the previous question, if Hasbro were to select ONLY ONE of the listed options, which should it be?
3 3/4" figures as they were in the 80's-90's?
3 3/4" made differently, perhaps like Star Wars?
8" "Epic Force"-style figures?
9" "DC Super-Heroes"-style figures?
12" figures using "Classic Collection" bodies?
Micro Machines and Playsets?
Something completely different?
If the choices for bringing back 3 3/4" G.I.Joe were limited to the following two, which format would you most prefer (either would include both new and old characters)?
Exactly as they were in the 80's and 90's.
Designed like "Star Wars" figures.
Let's theorize. Hasbro brings back the 3 3/4" G.I.Joe series full force. Joe, Cobra, vehicles, the works. Even backs it up with a comic and cartoon. BUT -- the figures are designed like Star Wars toys -- limited articulation, different plastic, and they look very little like the 3 3/4" Joe of old and are not especially compatible with their predecessors. Do you get them?
No. If they're not like the original line, they're not G.I.Joe.
Might pick up a few, but overall I'd be disappointed.
Probably buy the new characters, but not ones of old favorites.
Probably buy vehicles if they're cool, since they'd work with any Joe.
Sure, I'd buy the whole works! Figure design doesn't matter.
For the record, for those of you who replied to the questions concerning a "Star Wars"-like G.I.Joe, what is your opinion of Star Wars figures in and of themselves?
I think they're great and G.I.Joe should be like this!
I think they're cool, but I wouldn't want to see G.I.Joe like this.
I have no opinion about Star Wars figures one way or the other.
I think Star Wars figures are poorly made, and I don't collect them.
Hasbro is bringing back the 3 3/4" G.I.Joes in 2000. New package design, recolors of existing figures. But there's a new development: The figures will be smeared with black "paint-wipes" in the final step of assembly to seemingly make them look "battle-worn" or "weathered". What is your opinion of this feature?
I think it's great. It makes the Joes look more realistic.
Doesn't matter to me one way or the other.
I hate it! It makes the Joes look sloppy.
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