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The Perfect Man

Out of the men given below, which one do you find to be absolutely perfect. I mean, looks, personality, and talent. If you disagree with my choices or think I missed somebody, please tell me. One thing though, think about it as the whole population. A guy that both men and women like, don't pick someone just because you find him sexy. That's important, but honestly, how many guys find Orlando Bloom sexy?
Out of these men, which do you think is the most perfect?
Barry Zito-pitcher for the Oakland A's
Hugh Grant-British actor, Bridget Jones Diary
George Clooney-actor, O Brother, Where Art Thou?
Charlie Hunnam-British actor, Abandon
Jimmy Fallon-SNL actor
50 Cent-rapper, In Da Club
Matt Damon-actor, Good Will Hunting
Heath Ledger-Australian actor, A Knight's Tale
Harrison Ford-actor, Indiana Jones
Vince Vaughn-actor, Old School
Owen Wilson-actor, Behind Enemy Lines
Luke Wilson-actor, Old School
Matthew McConaughey-actor, Reign of Fire
Keanu Reeves-actor, The Matrix
Colin Farrell-Irish actor, S.W.A.T.
Orlando Bloom-British actor, Lord Of The Rings
Vin Diesel-actor, XXX
Adrien Brody-actor, The Pianist
P. Diddy-rapper, Shake Ya Tailfeather
Joaquin Phoenix-actor, Gladiator
Josh Hartnett-actor, Hollywood Homicide
Val Kilmer-actor, The Doors
Benicio Del Toro-actor, Traffic
John Cusack-actor, Serendipity
Tyson Beckford-model
Robert Downey Jr.-actor, Only You
Justin Timberlake-singer, Cry Me A River
Tom Brady-quaterback, New England Patriots
This poll was created on 2003-11-05 03:48:31 by vp6402