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Adolf Hitler

A quick poll on the greatest killer ever existed...but also on the greatest politician ever.
Do you know who is Adolf Hitler?
Of Course I know all his life!
I think...
Who the hell is he?
Do you support Adolf Hitler and his Nazi Party?
No it's the worst thing a human ever did
He did nice things for Germany but killing races is the stupidest idea ever!
A little bit
Yes and in my opinion he didn't kill enough Judes
Do you think Adolf Hitler was intelligent?
No just look what he did
He was in the average, but an extremist
He was so intelligent taht he became a Monster?
it's all his general who controled him
If you'd have been in WW2, what would you have wanted to be?
A US/UK soldier
A Nazi German soldier
A Japanese soldier
A french resistant
A Soviet soldier
A Soviet soldier in Stalingrad...
A Jude
Do you like Hitler?
I hate him!
he had some good, some bad
Well I don't dislike him
He's the greatest man ever!
I prefer the courageous Rommel
Is Hitler really dead? (some people pretend to see him...)
HAHAHA of course he's dead!
Well, he's dead but I'm not 100% sure
Maybe he's not dead...
My Fuhrer would never die! I saw him!
Did Hitler had really a daughter?
Yes with Eva Braun in his late days and she's alive and hiding
Yes but she died in a Berlin bombardment
I don,t know...maybe`
This poll was created on 2003-11-10 04:08:13 by El Che