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Where do you stand on the issues?

This is just a basic poll to see what you believe to be the 'right' choice on these various issues in the world today.
What actions should be taken against global warming?
Global warming is a serious problem and all measures must be taken to slow it down as soon as possib
Global warming is not an issue.
It is a problem but not important enough for countries to slow their industrial development.
What is your stance on abortion? (check all that apply)
Abortion is morally wrong and/or a sin.
Abortion is a choice for women.
Governments should not place restrictions on women's bodies.
Late-term abortions of all types should be banned.
They should be allowed in the cases of rape or if the fetus will put the mother's life in jeopardy.
Do you support state-sponsored death penalty?
Yes, but only for murder cases
No, it is unhumane.
Should marijuana be legalized?
Yes for medical and recreational use
Yes, but only for medical use
What do you think about bio-engineering?
We should not try to genetically alter human beings.
Cloning is a dangerous practice and not worth the potential consequences.
Cloning is beneficial to preventing disease and is worth the potential consequences.
Genetic research is important to human development.
There are benefits to genetic research but humans are not yet responsible enough to be doing this wo
Would you be an organ donor?
Yes, I would like to help others in medical need, but only after I am dead.
Yes, I would like to help others in medical need and would do so before and after death.
No, I don't wish to dismember my body before or after my death.
Do you support same-sex rights? (check all that apply)
Same-sex partners should not have any rights for religious reasons.
Same-sex marriage should be recognized by the state for reasons of equal civil rights.
Same-sex partners should receive the same governmental and commercial benefits as male-female partne
Same-sex partners should be allowed equal adopting rights.
How do you feel about gun control?
Governments should not be allowed to restrict gun ownership to private citizens.
Gun controls are necessary to help prevent gun-related crimes.
Military, security, and hunters are the only ones who should have them.
How do you feel about animal testing?
Animal testing is cruel and a violation of animal rights.
Animal testing is needed to help protect humans against products which may be harmful.
Animal testing is ok as long as none are harmed in the process.
Finally, what needs to be done about the Internet? (check all that apply)
The Internet should be unregulated and allowed to be a completely free source of information.
The Internet should be regulated by governments to censor their citizens from negative information a
The Internet should be regulated to shelter children from pornographic sites.
The Internet should be made available to everyone for free.
It should be regulated by govts to censor their citizens from negative information about it.
This poll was created on 2003-11-14 16:07:00 by Aris