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The GlobalProgressive Rock Top 100 DISCS OF 2009 Internet Poll

*****UPDATE****** We have new additions within the letter range of this poll down below in alphabetical order. These late additions are given 10% addition to the votes given till the deadline. Many of you have emailed us asking why their votes have been removed. They have not. The poll is relaunched daily. Email us any 2009 NEW or NEW LIVE release that you do not see in our poll at gagliarchives@yahoo.com Our 16th annual poll features all the releases from November of 2008 to the present of new recordings and live albums released. You can pick multiple albums and vote up until November 26th as many times as you want evenly without spamming. The poll is checked hourly and ALL spammed votes will be removed. The final 100 most popular will be aired beginning Saturday, November 28th (Program 1137). Visit our site at http://gagliarchives.com THESE SELECTIONS ARE LETTERS A THROUGH K
What is YOUR favorite progressive rock album of 2009? If you feel an album is missing, email us at gagliarchives@yahoo.com
3rd World Electric Kilaminjaro Secret World
A Hawk and a Hacksaw Delivrance
Abacab Mal de Terre
Abate, Maurizio Armonicum
Abercrombie, John Wait Till You See Her
Abigail's Ghost D_Letion
Abramis Brama Smakar Söndag
Acid Mothers Temple & The Cosmic Inferno Hotter Than Inferno: Live in Sapporo 2008
Acid Mothers Temple & The Melting Paraiso UFO Of the Underground: Vishnu and the Magic Elixir
Acid Mothers Temple & The Melting Paraiso UFO Cometary Orbital Drive
Acid Mothers Temple & The Melting Paraiso UFO Interstellar Guru and Zero
Acid Mothers Temple & The Melting Paraiso UFO Dark Side of the Black Moon: What Planet Are We On?
Acid Mothers Temple & The Melting Paraiso UFO Are We Experimental?
Acid Mothers Temple ... / Nishinihon We Are Here (EP)
Acoustic Ladyland Living with a Tiger
Adams, John Luther The Place We Began
Adams, Steve / Trio Surface Tension
Adasiewicz, Jason / Rolldown Varmint
Adkins, Monty Five Panels
Adventure Beacon of Light
Aeon Zen A Mind's Portrait
Aes Dana Leylines
Aethenor Faking Gold and Murder
Ageness Songs from the Liar's Lair
Agents of Mercy The Fading Ghosts of Twilight
Ahkmed ~ Distance
Ahmed, Ilyas ~ Goner
Airbag ~ Identity
Alamaailman Vasarat ~ Huuro Kolkko
Alasehir ~ Torment of the Metals (Bardo Bag #2)
Alio Die / Aglaia ~ Private History of the Clouds
Aluk Todolo ~ Finsternis
Alumbrados ~ Monochord (Bardo Bag #3)
Amber Asylum ~ Bitter River
Amen Dunes ~ Dia
Anahita ~ Matricaria
And So I Watch You From Afar ~ And So I Watch You From Afar
Andeavor ~ The Darkest Tear
Andes, Mark ~ Real World Magic
Anekdoten ~ Chapters
Animal Collective ~ Merriweather Post Pavilion
Animals as Leaders ~ Animals as Leaders
Anker, Lotte / Craig Taborn / Gerald Cleaver ~ Live at the Loft
Answer, The ~ Everyday Demons
Antique Seeking Nuns ~ Careful! It's Tepid
Antonius Rex ~ Per Viam
Antony and the Johnsons ~ The Crying Light
Ape School ~ Ape School
Apogee ~ Mystery Remains
Apoptygma Berzerk ~ Rocket Science
Ararat ~ Musica de la Resistencia
Archangel ~ The Akallabeth
Archer, Martin ~ In Stereo Gravity
Archive ~ Controlling Crowds
Arctica ~ II
Arditti Quartet ~ Harvey: Complete String Quartets and Trio
Argos ~ Argos
Argue, Darcy James / Secret Society ~ Infernal Machines
Arpia ~ Racconto d'Inverno
Ars Nova ~ Seventh Hell
Ars Supernova, The ~ Lumina
Art Brut ~ Art Brut vs. Satan
Arte Quartett ~ Different Worlds
Artesia ~ Llydaw
Asobi Seksu ~ Hush
Assemble Head in Sunburst Sound ~ When Sweet Sleep Returned
Astra ~ The Weirding
Astro Can Caravan ~ The Nagual Julian (EP)
Astrophobia ~ Black Zodiac
Atrium Carceri ~ Souyan
Aurora Project, The ~ Shadow Border
Avarus ~ IV
Aythis ~ Glacia
Baccini, Sophya ~ Aradia
Bad Plus, The ~ For All I Care
Bailey, Donald ~ Blueprints in Jazz, Vol. 3
Balke, Jon ~ Siwan
Balmorhea ~ All Is Wild, All Is Silent
Bandhada ~ Open Cage
Bardo Pond ~ Gazing At Shila (Bardo Bag #1)
Bardo Pond ~ Peri
Barock Project ~ Rebus
Baroque ~ La Fiaba Della Buenanotte
Bass Communion ~ Chiaroscuro
Bat for Lashes ~ Two Suns
Bates, Michael / Outside Sources ~ Live in New York
Bats ~ The Guilty Office
Bear Bones Lay Low ~ Vallée de Dith
Beardfish ~ Destined Solitaire
Beat Circus ~ Boy from Black Mountain
Beck, Jeff ~ Performing Live: At Ronnie Scott's
Bee Mask ~ Hyperborean Trenchtown
Beherit ~ Engram
Being & Time ~ Being & Time
Believe ~ This Bread Is Mine
Bergman, Borah / Trio ~ Luminescence
Bernier, Nicholas / Simon Trottier ~ ...et Retrouve en Foret
Between Interval ~ The Edge of a Fairytale
Big Robot ~ Aquafit
Bike for Three! ~ More Heart Than Brains
Biosphere ~ Wireless - Live at the Arnolfini, Bristol
Bird, Andrew ~ Noble Beast
Black Bonzo ~ Guillotine Drama
Black Moth Super Rainbow ~ Eating Us
Black Pyramid ~ Black Pyramid
Black, Jim / AlasNoAxis ~ Houseplant
Blackfield ~ NYC
Blackshaw, James ~ The Glass Bead Game
Blade, Brian ~ Mama Rosa
Blank Manuskript ~ Tales from an Island
Blaser, Samuel / Quartet ~ Pieces of Old Sky
Blast 4tet ~ Sift
Blind Ego ~ Numb
Blindead ~ Impulse (EP)
Blood Fountains ~ Floods
Blue Note 7, The ~ Mosaic
Blues Control ~ Local Flavor
Boddy, Ian / Markus Reuter ~ Dervish
Bonamassa, Joe ~ The Ballad of John Henry
Bong ~ Bethmoora
Bong ~ Bong
Bonnie Prince Billy ~ Beware
Booker T. ~ Potato Hole
Bosch, Jimmy ~ A Millon!
Boyle, Doug ~ The Third Rail
Bradford, Bobby / Tom Heasley / Ken Rosser ~ Varistar
Braxton, Tyondai ~ Central Market
Brimstone Solar Radiation Band, The ~ Smorgasbord
British Sea Power ~ Man of Aran
Brother Ape ~ Turbulence
Brötzmann / Kondo / Pupillo / Nilssen-Love ~ Hairy Bones
Brown, VV ~ Travelling Like the Light
Burger, Robert ~ City of Strangers
Burnt Sugar / The Arkestra Chamber ~ Making Love to the Dark Ages
Burton, Gary / Pat Metheny / S.Swallow /A.Sanchez ~ Quartet Live
Bushman's Revenge ~ You Lost Me at Hello
Bynum, Taylor Ho / Spider Monkey Strings ~ Madeleine Dreams
Cacciapaglia, Roberto ~ Canone Degli Spazi
Cage ~ Secret Passage
Caine, Uri / Bedrock ~ Plastic Temptation
Calle Debauche ~ Calle Debauche
Camembert ~ Camembert
Camera Obscura ~ My Maudlin Career
Candlemass ~ Death Magic Doom
Cannata ~ My Back Pages, Volume 1
Cantina Sociale ~ Cum Lux
Car de Thon, Le ~ Nos Meilleurs Stockhausen
Carney, James ~ Ways and Means
Carpet Knights, The ~ According to Life
Cassol, Fabrizio ~ Pitié
Castle Canyon ~ Gods of 1973
Cattle Decapitation ~ The Harvest Floor
Causa Sui ~ Summer Sessions #2
Causa Sui ~ Summer Sessions #3
Cave ~ Psychic Psummer
Cazuela de Condor ~ Pasion, Panico, Locura y Muerte
Centric Jones ~ Foreign Tea
Char-El ~ Resurrection
Charlie ~ Kitchens of Distinction
Cheer-Accident ~ Fear Draws Misfortune
Cherry Choke ~ Cherry Choke
Chest Rockwell ~ Total Victory
Chickenfoot ~ Chickenfoot
Church of Misery ~ Houses of the Unholy
Circa ~ HQ
Circle ~ Triumph
Circulatory System ~ Signal Morning
Circulus ~ Thought Becomes Reality
Cirrha Niva ~ For Moments Never Done
Cirrus Bay ~ A Step Into Elsewhere
Clarke, Stanley / Hiromi Uehara / Lenny White ~ Jazz in the Garden
Claypool, Les ~ Of Fungi and Foe
Clean, The ~ Mister Pop
Cleaver, Gerald / William Parker / Craig Taborn ~ Farmers by Nature
Clemente, Felice / Quintet ~ Blue of Mine
Cleveland, Barry ~ The Power of Nightmares
Cline, Alex ~ Continuation
Cline, Nels ~ Coward
Cluster ~ Qua
Cockburn, Bruce ~ Slice O Life
Coletti, C.C. ~ Woodstock Lane
Colorstar ~ Colorstar
Colour Haze ~ Burg Herzberg Festival, 18 Juli 2008
Colossus Project ~ The Empire And The Rebellion
Comelade, Pascal ~ Compassió Pel Dimoni (EP)
Concern ~ Truth and Distance
Contemporary Noise Sextet ~ Unaffected Thought Flow
Copernicus ~ Disappearance
Corde Oblique ~ The Stones of Naples
Corea, Chick / John McLaughlin / Five Peace Band ~ Live
Corniel, Wilson 'Chembo' / Grupo Chaworo ~ Things I Want To Do
Corsano, Chris ~ Another Dull Dawn
Coryell, Larry ~ Earthquake At The Avalon
Count Raven ~ Mammons War
Counter-World Experience ~ Metronomicon
Crimetime Orchestra ~ Atomic Symphony
Crimson Jazz Trio ~ King Crimson Songbook, Volume Two
Crippled Black Phoenix ~ 200 Tons of Bad Luck
Crisalida ~ Raco
Crppled Black Phoenix ~ 200 Tons Of Bad Luck
Crystal Caravan, The ~ The Crystal Caravan
Current 93 ~ Aleph at Hallucinatory Mountain
Cursillistas ~ Les Biches
Cut City ~ Narcissus Can Wait (EP)
Cyminology ~ As Ney
Cynic ~ Traced In Air
Daedalus ~ The Never Ending Illusion
Dakari, Ori ~ Entrances
Dälek ~ Gutter Tactics
Danger Mouse & Sparklehorse ~ Dark Night of the Soul
Danielsson, Lars ~ Tarantella
D'Arc ~ Woman on Fire
David Cross Band ~ Alive In The Underworld
Darwinsbitch ~ Ore
Datarock ~ Red
Deacon, Dan ~ Bromst
Dear Hunter, The ~ Act III: Life and Death
Debelle, Speech ~ Speech Therapy
Deceh ~ Deceh
Decemberists, The ~ The Hazards of Love
Deer Tick ~ Born on Flag Day
DeeExpus ~ Far From Home
DeJohnette, Jack ~ Music We Are
Delain ~ April Rain
Delirium ~ Il Nome del Vento
Deluge Grander ~ The Form of the Good
Derome, Jean / Les Dangereux Zhoms + 7 ~ Plates-Formes et Traquenards
Diablo Swing Orchestra ~ Sing Along Songs for the Damned and Delirious
Diagonal ~ Diagonal
Diane, Alela ~ To Be Still
Die Form ~ Noir Magnetique
Dinsdale, Steve ~ New Church
Dinosaur Jr. ~ Farm
Directing Hand ~ Songs from the Red House
Dirty Projectors, The ~ Bitte Orca
Disrhythmia ~ Psychic Maps
Dream Mechanics ~ Screensaver
Dream Theater ~ Black Clouds & Silver Linings
Dredg ~ The Pariah, The Parrot, The Delusion
Dresser, Mark / Denman Maroney ~ Live in Concert
Drifting in Silence ~ Facewithin
Ducktails ~ Ducktails
Ducret, Marc ~ Le Sens de la Marche (Illusions)
Dufallo, Cornelius ~ Dream Streets
Duman ~ I
Duman ~ II
Dunmall Sun Quartet ~ Ancient and Future Airs
DuOud ~ Ping Kong
Dyble, Judy ~ Talking with Strangers
Dysrhythmia ~ Psychic Maps
Ear Now ~ Eclipse
Eat Skull ~ Wild and Inside
Ebony Tower ~ Dead Planets New Stars (EP)
Echo Us ~ The Tide Decides
Eclat ~ Live au Roucas
Eduardo, Zé / Unit ~ Live in Capuchos
Eidolon ~ Dreamland
Eisenstadt, Harris ~ Canada Day
El Grande, Jono ~ Neo Dada
Elf Project ~ Mirage
Elias, Eliane ~ Bossa Nova Stories
Emeralds ~ What Happened
Emeralds ~ Emeralds
Emperor ~ Inferno Festival (Live Inferno, disc 1)
Emperor ~ Wacken Open Air (Live Inferno, disc 2)
Enochian Theory ~ Evolution: Creatio Ex Nihilio
Ergo ~ Multitude, Solitude
Eskelin, Ellery / Sylvie Courvoisier ~ Every So Often
Espers ~ III
Espvall, Helena & Masaki Batoh ~ Overloaded Ark
Essl, Karlheinz / Klaus Burger ~ ESSL.BURGER Live
Eternal Tapestry ~ Invisible Landscape
Eternal Tapestry ~ Palace of the Night Skies
Eureka ~ Shakleton's Voyage
Evans, Peter ~ Nature / Culture
Exivious ~ Exivious
Exploding Boy ~ Afterglow
Expo '70 ~ Psychosis
Extremities ~ Collision Theory
Fairuz Derin Bulut ~ Arabesk
Family Battlesnake, Ashtray Navigations, Stellar.. ~ How Do Siamese Twins Arrange Their Love life?
Fancher, Susan ~ In Two Worlds
Fantasmagoria ~ Day & Night
Fast 'N' Bulbous ~ Waxed Oop
Faunts ~ Feel.Love.Thinking.Of
Faust ~ Schiphorst 2008
Faust ~ C'Est Com... Com... Complique
Fear of Flying ~ Fear of Flying
Fefer, Avram ~ When the Spirit Moves You
Feldman / Caine / Cohen / Baron ~ Secrets
Fernwood ~ Sangita
Ferraro, James ~ Clear
Ferraro, James ~ Discovery
Fever Ray ~ Fever Ray
Figueras, Nestor / David Toop / Paul Burwell ~ Cholagogues
Filoritmia ~ Passaggi
First Band from Outer Space ~ The Guitar Is Mightier Than the Gun
Flamborough Head ~ Looking for John Maddock
Flaneurs, Les ~ Villain
Flat Earth Society ~ Cheer Me, Perverts!
Flatlands Collective, The ~ Maatjes
Flood ~ Native
Flor de Loto ~ Mundos Bizarros
Flow Trio ~ Rejuvenation
Flower-Corsano Duo ~ The Four Aims
Fly Trio ~ Sky & Country
Forgas Band Phenomena ~ L'Axe Du Fou / Axis of Madness
Forgotten Sons ~ Innergy
Forsaken ~ After the Fall
Fractal ~ Sequitur
Franklin, John Orr ~ Transformation
Fresh & Onlys, The ~ The Fresh & Onlys
Frith, Fred ~ Still Urban
Frost* ~ Experiments In Mass Appeal
Full Blast ~ Black Hole
Fully Celebrated Orchestra, The ~ Drunk on the Blood of the Holy Ones
Future Kings of England ~ The Viewing Point
Fuzz Manta ~ Smokerings
Gaë Bolg ~ Petite Introduction Aux Pratiques Des Gymnosophes
Gajin, Nenad ~ KEC
Galadriel ~ Calibrated Collosion Course
Ganelin, Vyacheslav ~ Duke-E Love
Ganglians ~ Monster Head Room
Garbarek, Jan / Group ~ Dresden - In Concert
Garcia-Fons, Renaud ~ La Linea del Sur
Gargamel ~ Descending
Garland, Peter ~ String Quartets
Garnier, Laurent ~ Tales of a Kleptomaniac
Gathering, The ~ The West Pole
Gazpacho ~ Tick Tock
Giant Squid ~ The Ichthyologist
Gilliam Section, The ~ Solus
Gimenez, Anton ~ Nueve Reinas
Gismonti, Egberto ~ Saudacoes
Glasvegas ~ Glasvegas
Gnod ~ Gnod
God Help the Girl ~ God Help the Girl
Godsticks ~ Godsticks
Goebbels, Heiner ~ The Italian Concerto
Golden Jooklo Age ~ Oniric Afternoon (MC)
Golden Jooklo Age ~ Ritual
Gomez ~ A New Tide
Gong ~ 2032
Gonzalez, Dennis ~ Scapegrace
Gorod ~ Process of a New Decline
Gösta Berlings Saga ~ Detta Har Hänt
Gottschalk, Kurt ~ Desetxea
Gown ~ The Old Line
Goyena, Faustino ~ Daltónico
Grdina, Gordon / East Van Strings ~ The Breathing of Statues
Green Pajamas, The ~ Poison in the Russian Room
Gregor Samsa ~ Over Air
Greymachine ~ Disconnected
Grizzly Bear ~ Veckatimest
Gungfly ~ Please Be Quiet
Gurvich, Uri ~ The Storyteller
Gutbucket ~ A Modest Proposal
Guthrie, Robin ~ Angel Falls (EP)
Gypsy Schaeffer ~ New Album
Haddad ~ Eros & Thanatos
Half Apple ~ In Between (EP)
Halou ~ Halou
Halvorson, Mary / Jessica Pavone ~ Thin Air
Hammer, Lisa ~ Dakini
Hammill, Peter ~ Thin Air
Hardedge / Graham Haynes ~ Burned to the Water's Edge
Harvestman (Steve Von Till) ~ In a Dark Tongue
Harvey, P.J. & John Parish ~ A Woman a Man Walked By
Hasselbring, Curtis / The New Mellow Edwards ~ Big Choantza
Hatcham Social ~ You Dig the Tunnel, I'll Hide the Soil
Haugaard, Harald ~ Burning Fields
Haverstick, Neil ~ Spider
Headdress ~ Lunes
Healing Road, The ~ Tales from the Dam
Heart of Cygnus ~ Over Mountain, Under Hill
Heaven and Hell ~ The Devil You Know
Heavy Winged ~ Waking, Shaking
Hebert, John ~ Byzantine Monkey
Hecker, Tim ~ An Imaginary Country
Henriksen, Arve / Elling Vanberg ~ Ellivan
Herculaneum ~ Herculaneum III
Here We Go Magic ~ Here We Go Magic
Highway Child ~ On the Old Kings Road
Hillage Band, Steve ~ Live At The Uncon
Hobbs, Christopher ~ Sudoku 82
Holdsworth / Pasqua / Haslip / Wackerman ~ Blues for Tony
Hollenbeck, John ~ Eternal Interlude
Hollenbeck, John ~ Rainbow Jimmies - The Music of John Hollenbeck
Holy Sons ~ Drifter's Sympathy
Honsinger, Tristan / Massimo Simonini ~ Call Me Us
Hoopy Frood ~ Indigo
Horrors, The ~ Primary Colours
Höstsonaten ~ Autumnsympony
Houle, Vivian ~ Treize
Hourglass ~ Oblivious To The Obvious
Hukkelberg, Hanne ~ Blood from a Stone
Humcrush (Thomas Strønen / Ståle Storløkken) ~ Rest at World's End
Hune ~ De L'Autre Cote Du Monde
Hylozoists, The ~ L'Île de Sept Villes
Iluzjon ~ Silent Andromeda
Inactivists, The ~ Love Songs and Other Songs About Love
Indukti ~ Idmen
Infinity Window ~ Artificial Midnight
Invincible Czars, The ~ Fortissimo
Invisible, The ~ The Invisible
IOEarth ~ IOEarth
IQ ~ Frequency
Iran ~ Dissolver
Isis (2) ~ Wavering Radiant
Israelite, Koby ~ Is He Listening?
It ~ Departure
Jacob Fred Jazz Odyssey ~ Winterwood
Jacob Fred Jazz Odyssey ~ Live @ Largo
Jakszyk, Jakko M. ~ Waves Sweep the Sand
Jamal, Khan ~ Impressions of Coltrane
Jarboe ~ Mahakali
Jarboe ~ The Dark Consort
Jean Louis ~ Jean Louis
Jolly ~ Forty-Six Minutes, Twelve Seconds of Music
Jones, Darius / Trio ~ Man'ish Boy (A Raw & Beautiful Thing)
Joy Disaster ~ Staygatow
Kane, Jonathan ~ Jet Ear Party
Karaindrou, Eleni ~ Dust of Time
Karda Estra ~ Weird Tales
Karda Estra ~ Weird Tales
Karlsson, Sofia ~ Söder om Kärleken
Karnivool ~ Sound Awake
Kasumi Trio ~ Tsunashi+
Katsenelenbogen, Eyran ~ 88 Fingers
Kaukonen, Jorma ~ River of Time
Keb' Mo' ~ The Door
Kebnekajse (Kebnekaise) ~ Kebnekajse (Kebnekaise)
Keith Emerson Band Featuring Marc Bonilla ~ Keith Emerson Band Featuring Marc Bonilla
Kenso ~ SPARTA Naked
Kikoski, David ~ Mostly Standards
Killick's Exsanguinette ~ ...And the Creek Don't Rise
Kinetic Element ~ Powered By Light
Kleier, Roger ~ The Night Has Many Hours
Knifeladder ~ Music / Concrete
Knight Area ~ Realms Of Shadows
Knitting by Twilight ~ Riding the Way Back
Kodama ~ Turning Leaf Migrations
Kohlhase, Charlie / Explorer's Club ~ Adventures
KOJ & Louis Sclavis ~ Piffkaneiro
Komeda Project ~ Requiem
Korai Öröm ~ 2009
Kosmos ~ Vieraan Taivaan Alla
Krantz,Wayne ~ Krantz Carlock Lefebvre
Kreator ~ Hordes of Chaos
KRK ~ Acouasm
KTU ~ Quiver
Kuhn, Steve / Trio with Joe Lovano ~ Mostly Coltrane
Kumina.org ~ Entropia
Kuupuu ~ Lumen Tähden
J21 ~ Yellowmind-Blue Mind
Afroskull ~ To Obscurity And Beyond
Agah Bahari ~ The Second Sight Of A Mind
Ajalon ~ This Good Place
Bath, Janina Angel ~ Gypsy Woman
Beggars Opera ~ Touching The Edge
Beyond Infinity ~ Mother Earth
Bosch ~ Bosch
Celestial Oeuvre ~ This Mortal Coil
Chance:Risiko ~ Sleep Talking
Citadel ~ Crosses Or Clowns?
Cross ~ The Thrill Of Nothingness
Crovella, Beppe ~ What's Rattlin' On The Moon?
Dead Heroes Club ~ A Time Of Shadow
Engineers ~ Three Fact Finder
Fabrice Bony ~ Between Day
Factory Of Dreams ~ A Strange Utopia
Flood ~ Tales From The Four Seasons
Gilbert, Kevin ~ Welcome To Joytown
Gilbert, Kevin ~ Nuts & Bolts
Glass Hammer ~ Three Cheers For The Broken Hearted
Gong Global Family ~ Live In Brazil 2007
Izz ~ The Darkened Room
Junk Farm ~ Didn't Come To Dance
Jupiter Society ~ Terraform
Katatonia ~ Night Is The New Day
Keneally, Mike ~ Scambot 1
Kohoutek ~ Losslessloss
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