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your opinion about michael jackson

i want to know what people think about michael jackson. i mean in my opinion this dude is really wierd looking and i think many people agree. anyway,take the poll about the little freak
Why is jackson now white, when he used to be black?
Plastic surgery(his choice)
Plastic surgery(burned in fire)
A combination of something above
No clue
Is jackson a child molester and/or abuser? (check all that apply)
Yep he's a child molester
Yep he's a child abuser
No he's not a child molester
No he's not a child abuser
He may be a child molester
He may be a child abuser
I havent the slightest clue to any of them
Is jackson of sane mind?
Yes, he's a loving, caring human being
No, he's completely off his rocker and needs help
No, he hung his baby off of a building!
Havent the slightest clue
Can't wait to see the results of this one! Girls or gay dudes: do you think jackson is attractive?
Yes, he's a complete hottie.
Gross, no way, he's a disfigured freak!
He's not attractive, but is a good person.
hahahaha! is michael jackson attractive! ha. no.
if you have any comments about this... thing, please post it
okey dokey
no way it would bring back terrible memories
who is michael jackson?
nothing to tell, he's just a sad, lonely freak.
This poll was created on 2003-10-11 14:32:33 by someguy1234