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The best dragonballz/matrix/otherstuffilike poll ever!

This is a poll for people who like Dragonball Z, The Matrix/animatrix, and lots more stuff with cool imaginative characters in them.
Which of these movie/game/tv characters from the side of good do you like?
Neo (matrix)
Morpheus (matrix)
Trinity (matrix)
Niobe (matrix)
Tank (matrix)
Other matrix character
Goku (dragonballz)
Vegeta (dragonballz)
Gohan (dragonballz)
Trunks (dragonballz)
Videl (dragonballz)
Bulma (dragonballz)
Tien (dragonballz)
Yamcha (dragonballz)
Chiao-tzu (dragonballz)
Krillin (dragonballz)
Supreme kai (dragonballz)
Supreme kai fused with Kibito (dragonballz)
King kai (dragonballz)
Piccolo (dragonballz)
Other dragonball z character
Cyclops (x-men)
Wolverine (x-men)
Rogue (x-men)
Jean Gray (x-men)
Beast (x-men)
Gambit (x-men)
Storm (x-men)
Other x-men character
Obe wan Kinobe (star wars)
Luke Skywalker (star wars)
Anakin Skywalker (star wars)
Han Solo (star wars)
Princess Leia (star wars)
Other star wars character
Solid snake (Metal gear solid)
Raiden (Metal gear solid)
Otacon (Metal gear solid)
Ninja (Metal gear solid)
Other metal gear solid character
Cloud (final fantasy series)
Barrett (final fantasy series)
Tifa (final fantasy series)
Squall (final fantasy series)
Rinoa (final fantasy series)
Irvine (final fantasy series)
Zidane (final fantasy series)
Garnet/Dagger (final fantasy series)
Vivi (final fantasy series)
Tidus (final fantasy series)
Auron (final fantasy series)
Yuna (final fantasy series)
Other ff character
Ok...I wont put so many this time...Which of these bad guys do you like?
Agent Smith (matrix)
Vegeta (dragonballz)
Frieza (dragonballz)
Garlic jnr (dragonbalz)
Android 17 (dragonballz)
Android 18 (dragonballz)
Cell (dragonballz)
Majin Buu (dragonballz)
Magneto (x-men)
Apocalypse (x-men)
Sabertooth (x-men)
Mystique (x-men)
Liquid snake (Metal gear solid)
Revolver Ocelot (Metal gear solid)
Solidus snake (Metal gear solid)
Sepiroth (ff series)
Seifer (ff series)
Ultimecia (ff series)
Kuja (ff series)
Seymour (ff series)
Sin (ff series)
This poll was created on 2003-10-23 21:10:39 by NeoGohan