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Degrassi: TNG Season 3 Episodes.

What do you think of this season so far? Take this poll to voice your opinion.
What id the most controversial episode this season?
U Got The Look
Gangsta Gangsta
Should I Stay Or Should I Go?
Whisper To A Scream
Against All Odds
Never Gonna Give You Up.
This Charming Man
Accidents Will Happen
Don't Dream It's Over
What did you think of Pride?
It was very intense and realistic.
It was when I fell in love with Marco*sigh*
I never saw that episode.
It was dumb and unrealistic.
No comment.
How do you feel about Manny's new change of character.
I think it's great. She finally has a more powerful character and isn't Emma's sidekick anymore.
I liked the old Manny better. She was so sweet.
Who do you honestly believe Craig is better with?
Ashley. He told her he loved her first and even wrote her a song. Plus they've seemed meant to be si
Manny. In Holiday he clearly chose her. He loves her and even wanted to be a family with her.
How did you feel about the episode Never Gonna Give You Up?
It was controversial and very realistically potrayed. The acting was incredible.
I think it was very weakly done. Rick's abuse was phoney and at some points even somewhat comical. I
This poll was created on 2004-02-27 02:34:08 by Psyche