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Principal Suspended, Lifted Girls Skirts as Boys Watch

Calif. School Official Lifted Up Dozens of High School Girls Skirts, Pulled Down Their Tops, Exposing Them as Boys, Other Males Gawked in Amazement

Sometimes, there's no need for boys to risk getting in trouble for skirt-flipping if they want to check out the girls' panties (or see if the girls are even wearing any). In fact, sometimes all boys need to do I wonder what's under your skirt?is just stand around and watch their own school administrators do all the skirt-flipping work for them! Here's the story...

What follows is how a vice principal in Poway, California lifted up the skirts of girls attending a school dance -- in full view of many male students and adults -- for the alleged purpose of checking to see if any of the girls were wearing thong underwear. The official said such actions were taken as to not have "the girls expose themselves." Sure -- just expose the girls yourself for all to see!

Girls that were wearing thongs were not allowed to stay for the dance. Noooooo! They were merely literally stripped in front of their male classmates, instead!

"They just lifted the skirt over my head," said a totally humiliated Lookie here! What's under your skirt?Stephanie Olson, an 11th grader at Rancho Bernardo High School.

"Everyone saw everything," said Kim Teal. "It was a big peep show."

Stephanie Stewart was wearing a thong and was sent home, but not before male students and others saw exactly what was under her skirt.

"We were in front of the entire class, school officials were around, and even two on-campus cops," the blushing, embarrassed girl told ABC News' Good Morning America.

Well, well. Got one!"I was just completely humiliated, you know, completely embarrassed, angered, you know, nothing like this should happen to anyone," Ashley Wydra told NBC News. Wydra's skirt, to her sudden embarrassment, was lifted up with her skimpy underwear exposed and put on display for all to see.

A San Diego police officer that was providing security at the dance told reporters he got to see dozens of girls have their skirts lifted up, being forced to reveal what was (and in some cases, what wasn't) underneath.

Officer Greg Bisesto said his reaction was, "Oh my God... This is totally out of line."

The Reuters news agency reported that girls were also ordered to further strip off even more of their clothing -- again, with boys and male adults standing there watching -- if the official suspected a girl wasn't wearing a bra. The administrator even suddenly grabbed one girl's top and pulled it right down below her breasts as gawking male onlookers stood by in amazement! Luckily for this particular girl, she was wearing a bra, that everyone around saw. Others may not have been so lucky.

"This is just the kind of stupid story I love," Jay Leno told The Tonight Show audience after hearing of the incident. "Of course the girls kicked out for wearing thong underwear had no trouble getting rides home."

Was the vice principal arrested? Jailed? Fired?

Are you kidding? According to the Poway Unified School District, the official was merely demoted. That's right. The official is now in the CLASSROOM ... TEACHING students!

Think I'm joking about all this? Think again!

  • article link from USA Today.

  • story from the NBC News affiliate in San Diego, Calif.

    There are plenty more articles on the Internet about it; you shouldn't have any trouble finding them. The incident was a national news story, with even foreign press outlets doing reports on the school peep show.

    Personally, I think school principal Paul Gentle should have been demoted and transferred and the vice principal (who did the skirt flipping) fired immediately. The D.A. should have then brought criminal charges against the vice principal. Finally, the voters should have then cashiered the incompetent school board that settled for a mere demotion of the vice principal, never electing any of them to even the position of dog catcher in the future.

    Would love to hear what everyone thinks about this, ESPECIALLY from the girls and women out there.

    PLEASE post your comments here.

  • FOR ALL:
    The vice principal that did this was demoted to teaching in a classroom. Was this a severe enough punishment?
    Hell no! That school official should be in jail!
    The vice principal should have been fired!
    The demotion was enough of a punishment.
    Has a school administrator ever checked to see what kind of underwear (if any) YOU were wearing?
    Yes -- and right in front male students, too!
    Yes, but in private.
    No. At least, not yet.
    Let's assume that you really like or love your girlfriend and you've both arrived at the school dance. All of a sudden, she finds herself in this panty and bra check line and she whispers to you that she's not wearing anything under her medium length dress, she's terrified of being publicly humiliated and doesn't know what to do. Do you...
    Use physical force, if necessary, to prevent her from being exposed for all to see
    Immediately leave with her before it's too late and offer to buy her dinner instead
    Tell her to grin and bare it; call your buddies over to see ALL of your soon-to-be ex-girlfriend
    FOR ALL:
    Would you favor giving high school students the right to vote in local school board elections so that they'd have some political clout concerning issues that sometimes effect them a little bit TOO personally?
    Not sure
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