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The biceps of Jennifer Lopez

How big are they ? How strong is she ?
How big (at your opinion) are the biceps of Jennifer Lopez, when the are pumped ?
less than 25 cm
25-30 cm
30-35 cm
35-40 cm
more than 40 cm
How strong is JLO ?
she's weak
she's strong for a woman
she's very strong for a woman
she's stronger than most of women
she's the strongest woman you know
How strong is JLO if she would armwrestle for real ?
She would lost every matches
She would win only against weak women
She would win against most women
She would defeat all women and beat some men
She would beat everybody (men and women)
In an armwrestling match between you and JLO, who would win ?
Me, easily. I put her arm on the table like in butter
JLO easily, she is stronger and her biceps are bigger than mine.
Me with difficulty, JLO is strong and the match would be long
JLO with difficulty, she is just a little bite stronger than me, so I would resist for a cupple of t
Imagine you have the possibility of armwrestling JLO ...
I would never try armwrestling her, she's too strong
I dream having an armwrestling against her
I probably will armwrestling with JLO
Are you a boy or a girl
This poll was created on 2003-08-27 16:59:26 by awfan79