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Politics, Terrorism & The War

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This poll is an Official Unbiased Poll by Ding & Associates, a political think-tank located in East Virginia. We will be submitting the results of this poll to, The Guardian, Haaretz, The BBC, NY Times and ABC for their consideration.

All in all, thinking about how things have gone since the United States went to war in March, do you think the Bush administration made the wrong decision or a mistake in going to war in Iraq?

60% (3) Wrong Decision
40% (2) A Mistake
0% (0) No Opinion

5 voters have answered this question.

Now that Saddam Hussein has been captured, do you think that over the next year the violence against U.S. troops in Iraq is likely to increase, decrease or stay about the same?

40% (2) Likely to increase
20% (1) Likely to decrease
40% (2) Likely to stay about the same

5 voters have answered this question.

In the course of his interrogation and trial, Saddam Hussein might or might not reveal how different countries or groups have worked with his regime in Iraq over the past 25 years. Select those that Saddam will reveal things that will embarrass them.

80% (4) The United States government
80% (4) President Bush's Administration
20% (1) Texas
40% (2) Halliburton
80% (4) Republicans

5 voters have answered this question.

In the long term, do you think there will be more or less terrorism in the United States because the U.S. went to war with Iraq?

20% (1) More
20% (1) Somewhat More
40% (2) A Little More
20% (1) No Opinion

5 voters have answered this question.

How much confidence do you have in the ability of the U.S. government to capture or kill Osama bin Laden?

60% (3) Not very confident
0% (0) Not too confident
40% (2) Not at all confident

5 voters have answered this question.

Do you think the war in Iraq is still going on, or is the war over?

100% (3) Bush confirmed that the war is over
0% (0) Without the French there was no war
0% (0) The war never existed

3 voters have answered this question.

If the election were held today for President of the United States, whom would you vote for?

20% (1) Howard Dean
60% (3) Hillary Clinton
0% (0) H. Rodham Clinton
20% (1) H.R. Clinton
0% (0) Dave W. Bush

5 voters have answered this question.

What best describes your feeling of the recent video that the news outlets are running of Saddam Hussein.

50% (2) A doctor is examining the injury inflicted by the brutal troops.
25% (1) A doctor is embarrassing a homeless man.
25% (1) A guard is taking head measurements for an electric chair cap.

4 voters have answered this question.

How many jobs do you believe were lost during the Bush administration?

25% (1) 30 Million
50% (2) 50 Million
0% (0) 150 Million
25% (1) 750 Million

4 voters have answered this question.

What best describes your feelings about Howard Dean's intentions to overturn President Bush's tax cuts?

0% (0) I'm not taxed enough.
100% (5) I don't mind as long as the rich must pay more tax.
20% (1) We need to help the government balance the budget.
40% (2) We'll get more free benefits if we pay more tax.
40% (2) My extra tax dollars will go to a good cause.

5 voters have answered this question.

How many Southern voters do you believe drive pickup trucks with Confederate flags displayed?

0% (0) 90 Percent and above
50% (2) Only poor white Republican voters
0% (0) 70 - 80 Percent
50% (2) 60 - 70 Percent

4 voters have answered this question.

Halliburton claims the high cost that the contractor was charging for fuel ($2.64 a gallon) is based on the longer and more dangerous travel route from Kuwait instead of Turkey ($1.55). Sixty of the quarter million dollar tanker trucks were damaged, three employees killed and ten employees wounded. Assuming your cost of gasoline at $1.33 per gallon and a used tanker-truck cost of $125,000, how much would you charge per gallon to transport 10,000 gallons of gasoline across 400 miles of Iraq?

0% (0) $1.35
0% (0) $1.40
20% (1) $1.50
80% (4) I can't drive a tanker truck.

5 voters have answered this question.

Libyan leader Moammar Gadhafi has been forced to sign a pact to give up his Weapons of Mass Destruction shortly after Saddam was captured. Some have expressed that the war and capture of Saddam caused the Libyan leader to give up his WMDs. Do you think the events in Iraq had anything to do with Moammar Gadhafi change of heart?

60% (3) No
40% (2) Probably Not

5 voters have answered this question.

This poll was created on 2003-12-20 11:43:55 by Mr. Ding
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