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simplicity the best way

most beliefs talk about simplicity as a good way to live a life
do you feel egotistical? selfish?
yes and i'd like to change
yes and it does not matter to me
sometimes i am, but would like to lessen it
no, im glad about that
are you tired of modern movies?
yes, i do not like watching them anymore
no, i love to watch them still
I do not watch it at all
are you tired of modern music?
yes, i am tired of it
no, i still like it
I do not listen to it at all
whether you are an atheist, agnostic, or spiritual believer and whatever religion you have how do you feel towards others?
i respect their beliefs, and talk about them
i stay away from those with different beliefs
i argue to make them have my beliefs
i avoid the subject, but respect them
i have hatred to those who have different beliefs
how do you drive?
I drive over the limit(more than 5 miles faster)
I drive within the speed limit(atmost 5mi faster)
it varies
Pollyanna, Heidi, and The Little Prince. Have you have ever read any of these children's classics?
I've never but would like to try them.
I've never and probably will not.
Yes, but I do not remember and would read again.
Yes, but I do not remember and prob will not.
Yes, and I remember.
do you like the silence? which of these places do you go to find silence?
at home
book store
none, i do not like silence
This poll was created on 2003-08-11 02:51:02 by will i ever be human again