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The Women's Bodybuilding & Fitness Poll

Who are the greatest Women Bodybuilders and Fitness competitors of all time? (if you want to vote on Men's Bodybuilding, check this link: www.misterpoll.com/2218938353.html)
How would you describe your gyms shower & locker area?
A+Clean & Shiny Showers & Restrooms100%
B-Mostly Clean, Slimy Floor, Funky Restrooms
C-Half-Assed Cleaning by Staff Trainers
How would you describe your gym's daycare?
For various reasons, I use it as a last resort
I don't have any children
I only go when my kids are not with me
My gym has no daycare at all
My gym's daycare is great & I like to use it!
Who is the greatest Ms. Olympia?
Rachel McLish
Carla Dunlap
Cory Everson
Lenda Murray
Kim Chizevsky
Andrulla Blanchette
Valentina Chepiga
Kike Elomaa
Iris Kyle
Juliette Bergman
Yaxeni Oriquen
Who are the greatest female bodybuilders who have never won the Ms. Olympia?
Gladys Portugal
Vickie Gates
Laura Creavelle
Nicole Bass
Laura Combes
Yolanda Hughes
Debbie Kruck
Denise Masino
Shelley Gruwell
Sharon Bruneau
Melissa Coates
Chris Bongiovi
Lesa Lewis
Ericca Kern
Tazzie Colomb
Denise Rutkowski
Suzan Kaminga
Amy Pazzo
Gayle Moher
Brenda Raganot
Laura Binette
Theresa Bostick
Betty Pariso
Paula Suzuki
Denise Hoshor
Renee Casella
Cathy LeFrancois-Priest
Jennifer McVicar
Peggy Schoolcraft
Yaz Boyum
Angela Debatin
Carmen Cotter
Paulina Palusa
Dayana Cadeau
Nancy Lewis
Sophie Duquette
Kim Harris
Fannie Barrois
Joanna Thomas
Sipka Berska
Jitka Harizomova
Eva Sukopova
Debbie Muggli
Michele Ralabate
Lynn Conkwright
Corinne Machado-Ching
Georgia Fudge
Candy Csencsits
Inger Zetterquist
Mary Roberts
Carla Temple
Who are your favorite Fitness Competitors who have not won the Ms. Fitness Olympia?
MaDonna Grimes
Amy Lynn
Karen Hulse
Sharon Bruneau
Theresa Hessler
Timea Majorova
Barbara Moran
Lisa Lowe
Lena Johannessen
Michelle Bellini
Kelly Ryan
Milamar Flores
Stacy Simons
Jennifer Worth
Amanda Blank
Carla Sanchez
Kim Chizevsky
Nicole Hobbs
Elizabeth Streeter
Melissa Frabielle
Klaudia Kinska
Shannon Meteraud
What are your favorite Women's oriented Bobybuilding and Fitness Magazines?
Women's Physique World
Muscle Elegance Magazine
Florida Sports
Muscle & Fitness
Women's Sport
Women's Fitness
Do you think most female professional bodybuilders take some steroids/IGF/GH and/or other performance enhancing substances?
Have you ever competed in a Bodybuilding, Fitness, Figure, Aerobics, Weightlifting, or Beauty contest? (check all that apply)
Yes, Bodybuilding contest.
Yes, Fitness contest.
Yes, an Aerobics Contest
Yes, a Beauty Pageant
Yes, a Figure Contest
Yes, Women's Weightlifting or Powerlifting Contest
Which of the following responses describes your work-out memberships or options?
Bally's Total Fitness
Spa Lady
L.A. Fitness Gym
Gold's Gym
World Gym
24 Hour Fitness
Porky's 24 hour Gym
A Ladies only club
A one-site gym/club
A 2-5 sites gym/club chain
A 5-25 sites gym/club chain
Ladies Health & Fitness
No I do not work out regularly
I have a home-work-out gym
Contours Express
Lady of America
Ladies Workout Express
Cuts Fitness
What do you think have been the most important forces in the history of Women's Bodybuilding?
The Ancient Olympics & Modern Olympics
The Wiccan Goddess Mythology
Bernar MacFadden & Health Magazines of 1900s
World War II forced Women to Work at Hard Labor
The Ms. America Contest & Beauty Pageants
1960s Women's Liberation Movement
1950s-1960s Bikini Girl Surf Movies
Pumping Iron II: The Women
The IFBB & The Ms. Olympia Bodybuilding Contests
Steroids, Hormones, & Advanced Bodybuilding Nutrition
Fitness & Figure Competitions
Would you like to see more amateur Powerlifting, Bodybuilding, and/or Fitness Competitions?
Which one of these Bodybuilders in her prime is the Greatest Bodybuilder?
Yolanda Hughes
Kim Chizevsky
Denise Masino
Lenda Murray
Vicki Gates
Nicole Bass
Lesa Lewis
Cory Everson
Andrulla Blanchette
Rachel McLish
Debbie Kruck
Laura Creavelle
Who are the greatest Ms. Fitness Olympias?
Susie Curry
Mary Yockey
Carol Semple-Marzetta
Mia Finnegan
Monica Brant
Saryn Muldrow
Adela Garcia
Jen Henderschott
Who should have won the 1996 Ms. Olympia contest?
Kim Chizevsky
Lenda Murray
Laura Creavelle
Who do you think should have won the 2004 Ms. Olympia contest?
Dayana Cadeau
Denise Masino
Marja Leena Lehtonen
Nancy Lewis
Iris Kyle
Lenda Murray
Yaxeni Oriquen
Who do you think should have won the 2002 Fitness Olympia?
Susie Curry
Jennifer Hendershott
Adela Garcia-Friemansky
Kelly Ryan
Jennifer Worth
Who should have won the 2004 Figure Olympia?
Davana Medina
Jenny Lynn
Monica Brant
Jaime Franklin
Amber Littlejohn
If you have or had (or might have) children, have you (or would you) ever taken them to one of those fitness centers for kids under age 12?
My child/ren tried it and liked it
My child/ren tried it and did not like it.
I would not take my kids to work-out at a fitness center
I think they can get as much exercise at the local park
I would like to take my child/ren to a kid's gym
Who is the greatest winner of the Figure Olympia contest?
Davana Medina
Jenny Lynn
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