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Does God care about me?

In todays society we seem to try everything to get that feeling of fun/satisfaction but no matter what we do we can't deny that sexual diseases are on the increase, violence and bullying are on the up and we're further than ever from our ideal world. Is this because we refuse to admit the possability that God exists and can make a difference? What do you think?
Does God exist?
I believe there's someone/something out there.
I believe God exists.
God is just a myth, I don't believe He exists.
If God does exist does He get involved in this world?
Yes, I believe so but have had no experience of it
Yes, I've experienced this for myself.
Yes, I know someone who has experienced God.
No, He leaves us to do our own thing.
Do you think God cares about you as an individual?
Yes, I know He loves me and is interested in me.
I would like to think so but have my doubts.
The major foundation of the Christian faith is Jesus Christ. There's proof He existed and that He made the claim He was the Son of God. There's also evidence that He did miracles. Do you beilieve His claim about Himself?
No. What a stupid statement to make!
Not sure, I don't know enough about it.
Yes, I believe Him but don't really care.
Yes, I've experienced Him changing my life.
Jesus Christ made the claim that He was the ONLY way to get to God. Do you agree with this?
Yes. Noone gets to God except through Jesus.
No. There are many different ways to get to God.
Do you believe the Holy Bible is the word of God and that all of it is valid to teach and guide us?
No, it's just another book.
I believe parts of it are.
How often do you read the Bible?
Couple of times a year.
A lot.
Which of the following terms best describes you?
Non believer.
A Christian.
A born again, Spirit filled Christian.
Another religion.
This poll was created on 2003-08-04 11:24:23 by Saint