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Vote To Save Yellowstone's Life/Your Life Could Depend On It

My poll has changed slightly since the 2004 election and some of the questions are no longer applicable. Other questions remain the same because they do not have a direct bearing on how you voted unless you feel that way. My poll is now designed to make the voters aware that some politicans ideas are better for places like Yellowstone National Park and the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem that surrounds it and its wildlife. It is up to you to decide how you feel. I have my opinion and you have yours. I work with an advocacy group that is working to save the wonders and beauties of Yellowstone Country for all generations to come. We are working to raise the awareness of the voters that who they vote for has a very strong influence on the future of Yellowstone and other natural areas of wonder, awe, and beauty. I hope my poll will help steer voters in the right direction and away from a vote that would not be good for Yellowstone's future. Yellowstone has had a very postive influence on my life. How do you feel?
Have you ever been to Yellowstone National Park?
1- Yes
2- No
If you have been to Yellowstone National Park would you go back again?
1- Yes.
2- No.
3- I have never been to Yellowstone National Park. I don't know how I would feel.
Have you ever been to Grand Teton National Park?
1- Yes
2- No
If you have been to Grand Teton National Park would you go back again?
1- Yes
2- No
3- I have never been to Grand Teton National Park so I don't know how I would feel.
Do you happen to be from Idaho, Montana, or Wyoming?
1- Yes, Idaho.
2- Yes, Montana.
3- Yes, Wyoming.
4- No, I'm from another state.
5- No, I'm from Canada.
6- No, I'm from another country that is not the United States or Canada.
If you have been to Yellowstone National Park, what did you like about it?
1- I have never been to Yellowstone so I can't answer the question.
2- I have never been to Yellowstone but I have read about it or have seen pictures on television
3- I have been and I liked Yellowstone Lake the best.
4- I liked one or more of the Waterfalls the best.
5- I liked the wildlife best.
6- I liked one or more of the geothermal features best including the geysers.
7- I liked Old Faithful Geyser the best.
8- I liked the mountain scenery the best.
9- I liked the forests the best.
10- I liked the Yellowstone River and/or another river the best.
11- I liked the wilderness character of Yellowstone the best.
12- I liked everything I saw.
13- I have no opinion.
14- There was nothing interesting to see in Yellowstone.
Are you aware that the Yellowstone Buffalo is the only genetically-pure strain of wild bison left in North America?
1- No, I was not aware of that.
2- I thought that all buffalo in North America were genetically pure.
3- Yes, I am aware of that, but what difference will it make?
4- I don't know and I don't care.
5- I think the Yellowstone buffalo is worth saving for future generations.
Are you aware that Yellowstone and Grand Teton National Park are at the core of a much larger area called "The Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem"?
1- Yes, I am aware of that.
2- No, I was not aware.
If you knew that your vote would determine the future of a wild and beautiful Yellowstone/Grand Teton for future generations, would that make a difference in how you vote in the 2004 Presidential Election?
1- No, it would not make a difference at all.
2- Yes, it definitely would make a difference.
What is your political affiliation?
1- Independent
2- I don't have one yet.
3- I don't vote.
4- Republican
5- Democrat
6- Green
7- Libertarian
8- Other
9- I don't live in the United States so I can't vote in the Presidential election.
Do you feel that the Bush administratin will protect Yellowstone's future? Please give the answer that is closest to how you really feel.
1- I have no opinion
2- Yes, he will for sure. Bush is a great President.
3- John Kerry would do better.
4- I am not sure, but I hope so.
5- I'm not from the United States so sorry, I can't help you there.
6- I have to say that I wish Al Gore were in his second term.
7- I do not believe that either Kerry or Bush will protect the environment.
9- I think the future of Yellowstone and other wild areas are doomed under Bush
10- Ralph Nader would protect Yellowstone and I wish he were in office.
11- Martin Sheen, if he could be President.
12- I don't think elected officials can protect Yellowstone. It's up to us.
13- God says everything must be destroyed, so whatever happens is all right.
Do you believe that Yellowstone and Grand Teton National Parks have spiritual qualities?
1- I have never thought about it before.
2- I don't know.
3- Maybe.
4- Yes, definitely.
5- No, definitely not.
6- Probably not.
7- I want to go to see for myself. I'll know better how I feel about that when I go.
How has an experience in Yellowstone helped to improve your life? Choose two which most nearly describe your experience there.
1- It hasn't improved my life at all.
2- I don't see the connection.
3- I have never been there, so I can't answer that one.
4- It has healed me mentally. Getting out into an unspoiled nature scene helps.
5- It has healed me physically.
6- Going to Yellowstone National Park and/or Grand Teton National Park has healed me spiritually.
7- Yellowstone is fun!
8- I'm a happier person because I have been to Yellowstone and/or Grand Teton.
9- Going to these national parks and/or to one of them has brought our family back together
10- The area gives me an eternal perspective about the purpose of life.
11- I haven't been there but I would like to go and find out.
12- I haven't been there and I don't guess I'll be going any time soon.
Would you support some kind of International protection for Yellowstone and Grand Teton National Parks if you knew or felt strongly that would be the only way to save the Parks for future generations?
1- Probably
2- Possibly
3- Definitely
4- No way
5- I now have no opinion, but I would be glad to look into the matter.
6- I have never thought about it before, but I don't much care.
How important is it that the wild character of Yellowstone Country (the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem) be saved for future generations?
1- Very important.
2- Somewhat to moderately important.
3- Not important at all.
4- I've never thought about it in that way but will from now on.
If you have been to Yellowstone and Grand Teton National Parks, what do you like to do there best? List the recreational activities in the order of importance to you.
1- I have not been there so I don't know as of now.
2- Fishing
3- Camping
4- Hiking
5- Sight seeing
6- Viewing mammal wildlife and/ or bird watching
7- Photography
8- Star gazing
9- Other
Do you believe that saving the wild character of the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem will make a difference in the outcome of the human spirit? Choose the three answers that most nearly fit your opinion.
1- Saving the wild character of Yellowstone Country will definately save the human spirit
2- Yes, I strongly believe so and I have my own personal opinions how that might come about.
3- What's the connection and what's the point?
4- I don't see how it could happen but I would be willing to find out how.
5- Every time we save a precious piece of wild nature, we save ourselves.
6- The earth is to be used up and nature is to be conqured. That is the only way we can conquer evil
7- I don't need to go to Yellowstone when I can do things and see places in my own area.
8- We have only one earth and we have only one chance to do things right.
9- I live in a world where nature and the issue of saving it is not very important to me.
If you have been to Yellowstone or Grand Teton, or on the National Elk Refuge or other Refuge or wild area in the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem, what kinds of mammal wildlife have you seen? Check all that apply.
1- Coyote
2- Black bear
3- Bison
4- Antelope
5- Moutain Lion
6- Wolf
7- Grizzly Bear
8- Moose
9- Elk
10- Muskrat
11- Otter
12- Beaver
13- Lynx
14- Fox
15- Wolverine
16- Mountain goat
17- Bighorn sheep
18- Bobcat
19- Deer
20- Fisher
Which political party (of the two main political parties) in the United States do you feel would be most likely to save the natural wonder and beauty of Yellowstone Country for future generations?
1- Republican
2- Democrat
3- I haven't been paying attention.
4- I can't be bothered with such a question.
5- I don't know but I guess I'd better get informed.
6- I have no opinion at all.
Do you think the world would be better off if more of it were wild and if more natural processes (the processes of nature unspoiled by humans)were allowed to take place than presently is the case?
1- Better off
2- Worse off
3- I don't see what difference it would make.
4- I don't know and/or I have not thought about it before, but I would like to know more about this
Would you be willing to join an environmental group and/or advocacy group to find out what you can do to help save the wild character of the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem?
1- Yes
2- No
What is your level of education?
1- Elementary
2- Middle School
3- High School drop out
4- High School graduate
5- Vocational school
6- Two-year college
7- Four-year college degree
8- Graduate
9- Doctorate
How do you view your experience with nature?
1- I don't know what nature is.
2- Very little experience in nature.
3- Occasionally.
4- Moderate.
5- Nature is a part of my daily life.
6- I have had lots of experience in raw nature.
Do you consider yourself religious?
1- Yes
2- No
Are you patriotic?
1- Yes
2- No
Do you consider yourself mentally healthy and/or well adjusted in life? Check only one.
1- Not at all.
2- All the world is queer but me.
3- Part of the time.
4- I am very self-assured and well adjusted.
5- Yes, I am happy.
6- No I am not happy.
7- I am scared of my own shadow.
8- I have never been mentally ill. I don't know what it is.
Do you think that preserving and protecting places like Yellowstone and Grand Teton and the surrounding wild area for future generations is a part of good family values?
1- Yes, definitely.
2- No definitely not.
3- I have no opinion because I cannot see any connection.
4- I have never thought about it in that way before, but maybe I should begin thinking about it
Do you think that hunting bison, wolves, and grizzly bears in and around the parks in Yellowstone Country increases the chance of their extinction?
1- Yes
2- No
3- No opinion
If you knew that snow coaches provided a safer winter experience in Yellowstone and Grand Teton National Parks -- a quieter experience, a more educational experience, and would be better for the health of the tourists and park rangers, and a more enjoyable experience for everyone, would you be willing to support the replacement of snowmobiles with snowcoaches in Yellowstone and Grand Teton National Parks?
1- Yes
2- No
Do you know that keeping the wild lands in the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem and surrounding lands wild and unspoiled will greatly increase the chances of Yellowstone being around for many future generations to come?
1- Well, I haven't thought about that one yet.
2- I don't know.
3- Yes, keeping the surrounding lands wild will definitely preserve Yellowstone
How did you vote in the 2004 election? Please answer the question that most nearly fits your situation. Please vote for one.
I am a Republican and I voted for Bush and for all Republicans.
I voted on a split ticket and don't care to disclose for whom I voted for President.
I am a Democrat, but I voted for Bush this time.
I am a Democrat and I voted for John Kerry.
I voted a straight Democratic ticket.
I am a Republican but I voted for John Kerry this time.
I did not vote.
I did not vote for either Kerry or Bush.
I would prefer not to disclose my political preference.
This poll was created on 2003-07-31 05:30:00 by Marilyn The Deer