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Female Muscle

This is poll of men's and women's perception and reaction to muscular female bodybuilders
Are you male or female?
Please best describe yourself
Bodybuilding Fan
Female Bodybuilding Fan
Have you been to a Women's Bodybuilding Contest?
Attend several, every year
Have attended many
Have attended a few
Have attended one
Do you belong to a Gym?
Yes, attend regularly
Yes, attend once or twice a week
Yes, attend once or twice a month
How do you react when you see a woman bodybuilder in person
Instantly excited and aroused
In awe. Can not help but stare
Somewhat excited but try not to be obvious
Feel intimidated and scared
The look of a muscular women disgusts me
Uninterested and hardly notice
Have you asked a muscular women to flex for you?
Yes, many times - heaven
Yes, a few of times
Yes, once
No, I really want to but I am afraid to ask
No, the thought never crosses my mind
No, the thought disgusts me
What are your favorite muscles on a woman
Striking big hard musclularity over entire body
Big Neck, Trap and Shoulders
Thick and ripped Pecs
8 pack Abs
Wide lats and Back - hour glass
Peaked Biceps
Horseshoe Triceps
Ridged veiny Forearms
Ripped thighs and glutes
Muscular Calves
Lean, small muscles, Fit and toned
What type of biceps do you find most appealing?
Soft and not muscular
Lean and toned, not muscular
Small muscles, cut and peaked
Small muscles, cut, peaked, hard and vascular
Large muscles, full and big looking
Large muscles, cut, peaked, hard and vascular
Freaky Huge
What type of chest do you find most appealing
No visible pectoral development, large breasts
Visible pectoral development, large breasts
Thick ripped pectorals, large breasts
No visible pectoral development, medium breasts
Visible pectoral development, medium breasts
Thick ripped pectorals, medium breasts
No visible pectoral development, small breasts(A Cup)
Visible pectoral development, small breasts(A Cup)
Thick ripped pectorals, small breasts(A Cup)
Thick, ripped vascular pectorals - all muscle
Do you purchase magazines and videos, and browse web sites to admire strong muscular women?
I view FBB Magazines and Websites daily. It makes my day.
About two or three times a week
About two or three times a month
Never, muscular women do not interest me
Never, I find muscular women digusting
Do you prefer female body building magizines videos and web sites over sex magazines such as Playboy
YES!! Playboy and other mags do not interest me. Bodybuilding women only!
YES. I read both, and I prefer bodybuilding magazines over Playboy.
No, I prefer Playboy. The Playboy models are more beautiful and sexy than the bodybuilding women.
Do you wish your spouse/girlfriend was more muscular
Much more muscular. I wish she was a bodybuilder.
Slightly more muscular. Tone and fit like a fitness model.
The same.
Less muscular.
Much less muscular.
How big would you like your spouse/girl friends biceps to be?
Over 20 inches
18 Inches
16 Inches
14 Inches
12 Inches
Under 12 Inches
Would you like to oil, massage and kiss the muscles of a women bodybuilder
YES!I book sessions with bodbuilders and love it
I have booked sessions with bodybuilders and did not enjoy
This would be heaven. A major fantasy come true.
I would love to, but I'm too intimidated
Not Interested
No, this disgusts me
Do you keep your feelings about women bodybuilders private?
No, my family and friends all know. I openly admire these women.
Somewhat. I few of my family and friends know. I keep it quiet.
Yes. Nobody knows how turned on I am about bodybuilding women.
Do you think that women should be stronger and more muscular than men?
Much more stronger and muscular
A lttle more stronger and muscular
Less stronger and muscular
Much Less stronger and muscular
How long do think it will be until the top female bodybuilders are at least as big, hard and muscular as the top men?
5 years
10 years
25 years
50 years
This poll was created on 2003-08-01 22:36:30 by Ken20