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Action Figures Survey

Do you collect 12" G.I. Joe, Captain Action, Ultimate Soldier, or other 12 inch Action Figures? Whether you collect them, remember them from your childhood, or are playing with one right now; VOTE for YOUR All-Time Favorites!
What are YOUR All-Time Favorite lines of 12 inch Male Action Figures?
Ertl Top Cop/Fireman
Lanard Ultra Corps!
Spawn Limited Edition
Dragon SWAT, WWII, Modern
Max Steel
G.I. Joe/Adventure Team
Planet of The Apes
Ultimate Soldier, SWAT,WW2,Modern
Action Man, James Bond,
Ideal/PM Captain Action
Six Million $ Man (all)
Star Wars (12")
Star Trek/STNG/DS9/Voyager 12
Mego Superheroes
Marvel Superheroes (Toybiz)
Kenner D.C. Superheroes
Gilbert's Man From UNCLE/Action Dan/Mr. Action
Marx Johnny West/Vikings/Knights
WCW-WWF Wrestlers (any 12")
Formative Soldiers of the World
Cotswold Elite Brigade Figures
Starting Line-Up Figures
Universal Monsters
Blue Box Elite (any)
What are Your All-Time Favorite G.I. Joe Series?
Original 1964-69 Soldiers
Sgt. Savage Series (1994-95)
Soldiers of the World (1966-68)
G.I. Joe Extreme Series (1995)
Adventure Team Series (1970-76)
G.I. Jane (any)
Atomic Man/Bullet Man (1976-77)
Super Joe Series (1978-81)
Real Action Hero 3 3/4 (1982-pres)
Hall of Fame Series (1992-94)
Timeless Collection/Masterpiece Editions
Classic Collection (1996-)
New Adventures of G.I. Joe (1998-)
The Defenders (1976-78)
Carded G.I. Joes (1997-)
New Soldiers of the World series (1999-)
The Pearl Harbor Collection (2001)
What is your favorite SuperHero type Figure Series?
Ideal/PM Captain Action sets
Batman Movie Series Figures
Kiss 12 inch Figures
Superman (any 12")
Mego Superheroes 12 inch
Spawn 12 inch Figures
Batman Animated Series
Kenner D.C. Superheroes
ToyBiz Marvel Superheroes
Wonder Woman
Six-Million Dollar Man/Bionic Woman
The Crow
The Matrix series
James Bond (any)
Green Hornet & Kato (any)
What is Your Favorite Sports Figure Series (12 inch)?
Starting Line-Up Baseball
Mattel Nascar Racing Series
SLU Basketball
SLU Nascar Winner's Circle
SLU Football
SLU Hockey
Playmates Hockey
WWF or WCW Wrestlers
Stars on Ice Figures
Barbie WNBA Figures
Barbie Pro-Baseball Figures
Barbie Soccer figures
What are your favorite Buggies, ATVs, LSVs, mini-Cars, & Vehicles for 12inch Action Figures?
Hasbro Orange Trouble Shooter
Cherilea Wassenwerfer
Hasbro Coils of Doom Tan ATV
Irwin/Strike Force Armored Scout Car
Irwin/DeSimone Race Car
Barbie Porsche
Barbie Boxster
Barbie Dune Buggy
Barbie Corvette
Barbie Ferrari
Barbie Jaguar
21st Cent. Kettenkrad
Barbie Chevrolet Bel-Air
Sunny Smiles Light Strike Vehicle
G.I. Joe Desert Sand Rail Vehicle
Adventure Team Yellow ATV
Captain Action Silver Streak
Spiderman Light Strike Vehicle
Ultra Corps! ATV
Action Man Silver Speeder
Action Man Desert Patrol LSV
Action Man Jungle Explorer
What is your favorite Headquarters, Office, or House for 12 inch figures?
Mattel Barbie Dream House
Captain Action Cave (fold-up-Case)
Action Man Mission Headquarters
Power Team WWII Hospital
Hasbro Adventure Team Headquarters
Captain Action Secret Sanctuary
Forever Girls 3 room House
$6Million Man Training Center
$6M Man Oscar Goldman Office
$6Million Man Repair Station
Barbie 2 room Apartment
Barbie Townhouse
What is your Favorite Movie (Series or One-Shot) 12" Action Figures?
Spice Girls Movie Figures
Aliens/Aliens vs. Corp. Hicks
Blues Brothers 2000 Figures
ST:NG Insurrection Movie
Batman Movie Series Figures
Selena Figure
Elvis Presley Figures (any)
The Mummy figures
Apollo 13 Astronaut
Action Man James Bond Figures (any)
Star Wars (12")
Small Soldiers Movie Figures
Bruce Lee Figures
Planet of the Apes
Disney Movies' Action Figures (any)
The Matrix
Universal's Monsters
Tarzan Movie Figures
Frank Sinatra
James Dean
The Black Hole
What is your favorite TV Show 12" Action Figures (including one-shot figures)?
Buck Rogers Figures
The A-Team
Battle Star Galactica
Welcome Back Kotter
Charlie's Angels
Deep Space Nine (7of9)
Saved by the Bell
Man from UNCLE figures
Wonder Woman
Starship Voyager (Janeway)
Clueless Figures
Star Trek Classic Collection
Drew Carey Show Figures
ST: Next Generation
$6 Million Man/Bionic Woman Figures
Starsky & Hutch Figures
KISS TV Movie Figures
Teen Bewitched Figures
The Crow
Green Hornet & Kato
Buffy The Vampire Slayer
What are your favorite Armored Vehicles/Personnel Carriers for your 12inch Action Figures?
Strike Force Tank Destroyer
DeSimone Tank
Irwin/F.S. Armored Scout Car
Action Man Scorpion Tank
G.I. Joe Iron Knight Tank
21st. Cent. Command Vehicle
21st M1998 Troop-Personnel Carrier
21st M1025 Armored Recon Vehicle
21st Bradley Tank
21st Cent. M-5 Tank
21st Cent. M1025 SWAT Hummvee
G.I. Joe Crash Crew Firetruck
21st Cent. Firetruck
Irwin German Tank
What is your Favorite Captain Action, Dr. Evil, or Action Boy Outfit (Vintage or Present)?
Steve Canyon
Captain Action (outfit)
Sargent Fury
Flash Gordon (any)
Buck Rogers
Lone Ranger (any)
Kato (any)
Tonto (any)
Green Hornet (any)
The Phantom (any)
Captain America
Space Adventure
Custom Bucky
Custom Red Skull
Custom Racer X
Custom Speed Racer
Custom Space Ghost
Ming The Merciless
Dr. Ling Laboratory Set
Kabai Singh
Your favorite 12" Action Figure dedicated to a real person? (Commander, Medal of Honor, or Celebrity)
George Washington
Colin Powell
Omar N. Bradley
George S. Patton
Robert E. Lee
Teddy Roosevelt
Ulysses S. Grant
Dwight D. Eisenhower
John F. Kennedy (PT-109)
Ted Williams
Bob Hope
Ray Benavidez
Mitchell Paige
Francis S. Currey
What is your favorite Star Trek 12 inch Figure?
The Mugatto
Captain Kirk (any)
Andorian Representative
Commander Jean-Luc Picard (any)
Engineer Scotty
William Riker (Insurrection)
Geordi La Forge (Ins.)
Commander Janeway
7 of 9
Lt. Spock
Dr. McCoy
Ensign Chekov
Ensign Sulu
The Gorn
Commander Benjamin Sisko
Deanna Troi
Lt. Uhura
Captain Christopher Pike
What are your favorite Jeep/SUV Action Figure Vehicles?
Power Team Jeep
Formative WWII Jeep
Adventure Team Mobile Support Vehicle
First Strike Bronco
21st Cent. Camouflage Jeep
G.I. Joe Defenders Jeep
21st Cent. Mutt & Trailer
G.I. Joe Brazil Jipe
G.I. Joe 5 Star Jeep & Trailer
G.I. Joe Desert Patrol Jeep
Adventure Team Trapper Vehicle
DeSimone Rat Patrol Jeep
Mattel Jeep Cherokee
Forever Girls SUV
Irwin Jeep & Canon
Formative WWII Shore Patrol Jeep
Formative WWII Medic Jeep
Barbie Camper
Irwin Landrover
21st Cent. WWII Willy
G.I. Joe Rhino Jeep
What are your favorite Helicopters?
Adventure Team Capture Copter
Cobra Helicopter Attack
Adventure Team Yellow Helicopter
G.I. Joe Green Helicopter
Adventure Team Mini-Rescue Copterpter
First Strike Helicopter
Sunny Smiles MASH Helicopter
21st Cent. AH-6 Little Bird
21st Cent. UH-6 Helicopter
Action Man Gyro-Copter
DeSimone Chinnook
Action Man Rescue Helicopter
21st Cent. Police Helicopter
21st Cent. Rescue Helicopter
What are your favorite Motorcycles for 12 inch Action Figures?
21st Dispatch Motorcycle
Power Team Motorcycle
21st Cent. Kettenkrad
Action Man Moto-Cross
Hasbro Strike Cycle
Hasbro Fast Attack Cycle
Hasbro Harley Davidson Courier
21st Cent. WWII Cavalry Motorcycle
Irwin Motorcycle & Sidecar
New Ray 1936 Indian Motorcycle
Barbie Motorcycle
Barbie Scooter-Moped
21st Cent. German Motorcycle & Sidecar
G.I. Joe WWII Motorcycle M.P.
Action Man Hog-Cycle
Max Steel N-Tek Motorcycle
21st Cent. SWAT Motorcycle
Max Steel Psycho-Cycle
New Ray XR 400 Honda Moto-Cross
Irwin State Trooper Motorcycle
New Ray BMW Motorcycle
Barbie Harley Davidson Motorcycle
What is your favorite 21st Century Action Figure set (Viet-Nam to present, includes one figure)?
Jungle Ops Navy Seal
Navy Seal Stoner MG
CQB set
Military Small Arms Set
Sam U.S. Ranger Set
Sam Recon Set
Sam Mac V Sog set
Subdued Urban Commando
SWAT Commander
SWAT Team Leader
The Villain
The Misfits
SWAT Sheriff
Navy Seal Night-Ops
Platoon Leader
K-9 Police Officer
Police SWAT Sniper
Drill Sergeant
Special Forces
What is your favorite Space-themed Action figure?
Aliens/Aliens vs. Corp. Hicks
Vintage G.I. Joe Space Capsule & Astronaut (any)
Planet of the Apes
Action Man Moonraker set
Action Man Space Commando
Power Team Astronaut
Kenner Apollo 13 Astronaut
G.I. Joe Mission Splashdown
G.I. Joe Mercury Astronaut
G.I. Joe Shuttle Pilot
Hasbro Buzz Aldrin
Totsy Space Rangers
Star Wars Figures
Star Trek Classic Collection
Starship Voyager (Janeway)
STNG: All 12" Figures
Deep Space Nine (7of9)
Battle Star Galactica Figures
Buck Rogers Figures
Captain Action's Flash Gordon
The Black Hole series
Matt Mason Space sets
Lanard Ultra Corps! Astronaut
FAO G.I. Joe Friendship 7 Capsule
Action Man Mission 2000
What are your favorite Timeless Collection Sets?
Mission Splashdown
Action Sailor
G.I. Joe and Footlocker
The Lost Squadron
Mission to Spy Island
Danger of the Depths Deep-Sea Diver
Heavy Weapons G.I. Joe
Gen. Robert E. Lee
Gen. Ulysses S. Grant
35th Anniversary Then & Now Set
FAO G.I. Joe Green Beret
FAO G.I. Joe Jungle Fighter
Scramble Pilot
Talking Action Pilot
What is your favorite non-helicopter Aircraft?
Irwin/DeSimone Panther Jet
Barbie Airplane
Forever Girls Airplane
Adventure Team Avenger
Adventure Team Sky Hawk
Action Man Stealth Jet
Max Steel MX Jet
What is your favorite German vehicle?
RC 1:6 Scale Volkswagen
Barbie Volkswagen
21st Cent. Kubelwagen
21st Cent. Schwimmwagen
Irwin German Tank
Irwin German Staff Car
Irwin Motorcycle & Sidecar
21st Cent. Motorcycle & Sidecar
Dragon Kubelwagen
21st Cent. Kettenkrad
Cherilea Wassenwerfer
What is your favorite Adventures of G.I. Joe set?
Challenge at Hawk River
Save the Tiger
Trouble at Prosperity Bank
Peril of The Raging Inferno
Capture of The Pygmy Gorilla
Coyote Crossing (The Sheriff)
Who is your favorite Hall-Of-Fame era G.I. Joe (1990-1994)?
Target Duke
Cobra Commander
Storm Shadow
Heavy Duty
Major Bludd
Camo Duke
Camo Roadblock
Rock N Roll
Battle Command Talking Duke
Street Fighter Ryu
Street Fighter Guile
Street Fighter Blanka
Street Fighter M. Bison
Surveillance Speciallist
Martial Arts Specialist
Weapons Specialist
Mortal Kombat Rayden
Mortal Kombat Johnny Cage
Mortal Kombat Scorpion
Sgt. Savage
Movie Version Colonel Guile
Foreign Soldiers: who are your favorites?
Vintage French Resistance Fighter
Vintage Russian Infantry'
Vintage Japanese Imperial Soldier
Vintage German Stormtrooper
Vintage British Commando
Vintage Australian Jungle Fighter
G.I. Joe CC Panzer Commander
G.I. Joe CC Japanese Pilot
G.I. Joe CC British S.A.S.
G.I. Joe CC Australian ODF
G.I. Joe CC Belgian Para-Commando
G.I. Joe CC U.K. Royal Marine
21st Cent Soviet Spetsnaz
21st Cent Russian Infantry
21st C. German Motorcycle Rider
21st C. German Wehrmacht
21st C. Japanese Infantry
21st Century Viet-Cong Main Force
21st C. North Vietnamese Regular
Dragon Linh, Viet-Cong Scout
G.I. Joe CC French Foreign Legion
21st C. British Para-Trooper
21st C. German NCO
21st C. German Panzer Grenadier
21st C. German Inf. Eastern Front
21st C. German Falschirmjager
21st C. German Machine-Gunner
21st C. Afrika Corps
21st C. British Commando
21st C. British 8th Army
21st C. Monte Cassino Officer
Dragon Hans, Wehrmacht NCO
Dragon Cheong, Hong Kong SDU
Dragon Jackie Chan Dragonlord
Dragon Gerhard,Wehrmacht Panzerjager
Dragon Lam, HK SDU Sniper
Dragon Pvt. Klaus, Barbarossa 1941
Dragon Jackie Chan-My Story
Creation Bruce Lee
Dragon Volker, Waffen-SS
Dragon Ulrich, GSG-9
Dragon Ray, Hong Kong SDU
Dragon Wai, Hong Kong SDU & CID
Dragon Hermann, Waffen-SS NCO
Dragon Horst & Blitz Cavalry
Dragon Wolfgang, Grenadier
Dragon Michael Chan, G-4
Dragon Erich & Heinrich, MG34 Team
Dragon Karl, Felgendarme
Dragon Laars, GSG-9 Sniper
Dragon Fritz, SS-Panzer Officer
Dragon J. Steele, R. Canadian Mounted Police
Dragon Dee Jr., Mong Kok Thug
Dragon Ernst, Wehrmacht Sniper
Dragon Wilhelm, SS Grenadier
Dragon Alfred, Waffen-SS, LAH
Which ones are your favorite Female Action Figures?
Action Man Nathalie
G.I. Jane
CY Girls
GIRL Force
Generation Next
Dragon Female figures
21st Century Jacqueline
Bionic Woman
Ideal Super Queens
Britney Spears
Iman figures
Lara Croft, Tomb Raider
Toybiz Female Superheroes
World War II & Korea: What is your favorite set?
GI Joe B-17 Bomber Pilot
GI Joe WWII Flamethrower Infantry
GI Joe Battle of Inchon
GI Joe Airborne At Normandy
GI Joe Defense of Seoul
GI Joe WWII Pacific Theatre
GI Joe D-Day Invasion
GI Joe Tuskegee Fighter Pilot
GI Joe Tuskegee Bomber Pilot
GI Joe 442nd Nissei Soldier
GI Joe PT Boat Commander
GI Joe Navajo Code Talker
21st Century 3rd Infantry Division
21st (Ultimate Soldier) 29th Division
21st C. 101st Airborne Division
21st C. 2nd Ranger Battalion
21st C. 82nd Airborne Pathfinder
21st C. Operation Market Garden
21st C. U.S. Navy Corpsman
21st C. USMC Marine Raider
21st C. USMC Jungle Fighter
21st C. Army Tank Commander
21st C. 101st Airborne Pathfinder
Dragon Sgt. Dave, Big Red One
Dragon Rifleman Scott, 4th Inf.
Dragon Kenneth, USMC Private
Dragon Sean, BAR Gunner, 9th Inf.
Dragon Jack, Korea
T.V. Shows: What are your favorite military-adventure television series?
Tour of Duty
Rat Patrol
China Beach
Black Sheep Squadron
Hogan's Heroes
McHale's Navy
Sgt. Bilko
Pensacola: Wings of Gold
Garrison's Guerrillas
The A-Team
Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea
Secret Agent
Stargate SG-1
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