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Life in the universe

Does life exists in other planets except earth?
Do you believe that life exists in other planets?
No, that's science fictions imaginations
No, god made only human as life in the universe
I never think about that and i don't mind
I can't never know
Maybe extraterrestial life exists
It's sure that extraterrestial life exists!
If you believe that life exists, where do you think that it can be?
In our solar system too!
Every planetary system must have a living-planet
In our galaxy,but many planetary systems far
In distant galaxies
Very far in the universe...
If you believe that life exists, do you believe that it is inteligent?
Sure,there are inteligent races too
No! Human is the only inteligence race
All the races must be more inteligent than us
How extraterestial life can be?
Humans like us
With creatures that we cannot imaging
Creatures like thoose aliens we see on TV
Micro-organisms like bacterio etc.
Some people are talking about UFO's etc.What do you think about that?
Aliens exists,but they haven't came here
I believe that aliens know us,and are coming here
I don't know what to say..
This poll was created on 2003-06-20 13:54:32 by filosorosh