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The Anime & Manga Opinion Poll!

Who is your manga hero? Which anime character best reflects your own personality? Take the poll to find out!
Out of the following manga/anime characters, who do you think best reflects yourself?
Yusaku Godai from <i>Maison Ikkoku</i>
Sana Kurata from <i>Kodocha (Child's Toy)</i>
Rei from <i>Neon Genesis Evangelion</i>
Usagi from <i>Sailor Moon</i>
Spike from <i>Cowboy Bebop</i>
Keitaro from <i>Love Hina</i>
Excel Excel from <i>Excel Saga</i>
What do you feel makes a good manga or anime series? (Pick more than one if you want)
Interesting plot
Romantic interludes
Lots of bloody violence and swearing
Adorable and sexy girls
Sexual content
Completely ridiculous and implausable story
Humourous dialogue
You want to read something new. What's the first thing you would you do to help you decide what comic to get?
Look at the picture on the cover
Read the title
Read the blurb on the back
Flick through the pages to look at the drawings and dialogue
Feel the thickness of the book
Look at the price
How do you prefer to watch your anime?
In the original Japanese dialogue with English subtitles
In the English dubbed version, if available
Would watch both, but English first
Would watch both, but Japanese first
If you could be a manga/anime character what kind would you be?
Dashing young sports hero
Pretty young girl
Evil monster baddie
Hopeless romantic
Bumbling otaku
This poll was created on 2003-06-16 13:58:51 by Mariko