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Where are Iraq's WMD?

Before the war we were told that Saddam Hussien had a huge arsenal of chemical and biological weapons and was also seeking to aquire uranium from Africa for nuclear weapons (the documents relating to Iraq's supposed attempt to aquire uranium was later found to be forgeries but since when did we let truth stop our rush to war-at-all-costs). So the question is; Where are Iraq's so far MIA WMDs?
Where do you think Saddam's huge arsenal of WMDs might be?
In a yet undiscovered underground bunker
Buried in the desert somewhere
He sold the lot to terrorists before the war
They were destroyed before the war
Saddam forced his oppressed subjects to eat the WMDs
What WMD? did we say Saddam had a WMD program? I've forgotten that now
We control Iraq's oil now so who cares?
The WMD are being flown in now in a C-130 and they will be "found" just in time for the next electio
Forget Iraq, the WMD are in Syria now, er, I mean Iran
Who cares we just liberated a people who never asked for it and I don't really care about
What was this poll about again? stupid short attention span, where's my remote control?
This poll was created on 2003-06-16 10:57:42 by troy