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Girls, does it offend you to see a guy peeing in public?

Girls, it's no secret that it's easier and faster for men to pee than women and that because of this men often pee in more places than women. What do you think when you see a man peeing in public?
How often do you notice a guy peeing in a public area?
I've never see such a thing
I've seen a few guys
About once a year
About once a month
About once a week
About once a day
Check all the places you've notice a guy peeing in public.
Along the side of a road
In an alley
Into a river or lake
In some weeds
Against a fence or wall
Between cars in a parking lot
In a parking garage
In a sub-way
In his back yard
Does it offend you to see a guy peeing?
Yes, I wish they wouldn't
Not really, I don't care
No, I don't mind seeing them
When you notice a man peeing in public, but can't really see him...
I turn away from him
I continue as if nothing was happening
I might try to take a little peek
I try to check him out without being noticed
I check him out
When your boyfriend, husband, son or friends have hinted they need to go, have you ever mentioned, "you know I don't care just go ...."
No, never
Only a few times to little boys
Yeah, I've temped a few guys to do so
Yes, I'll encourage guys to just go
What's your advice for guys your age or older?
Go find a mens room
Find a place completely out of my view
Just turn away from me and go
Don't be shy, just whip it out
What would you tell your son?
Go to a mens room
Do it discretely
Just go
Ever peeked in on guys peeing in a mens room?
No, never
I've seen guys through an open door
I've peeked in and seen guys
I've gone in to use a stall
This poll was created on 2003-06-13 05:55:23 by what to do