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One or the other: Choose

In this poll, you are faced with choices, and you have to choose one of them for the answer
Let's say you are going on a Blind date, and when you get there, you have the choice of two people. The first is really attractive, but not very smart, boring and has no sense of humor. The other is not that great looking, but is smart, funny, nice, and interesting. You choose:
The hottie, at least we can look good
The smart one, I would rather have good conversation
You get the chance to be a movie star, however, you onl get two choices. YOu either can be angry person number 3 in a one star flick that lasts two weeks in the theater and only your family sees, or you can be the lead in a Porn movie that causes you to grow instant stardom, lots of money, and the chace to be in more and more movies
Good at being angry person number 3
instant porno stardom
For whatever reason, you are kidnapped, but to be released you have to stop talking to one friend or one family member. You
will ditch a friend
goodbye family
There is a new medicine on the market that will let you eat whatever you want and never gain weight or have any bad nutrition related problems. However, the medicine makes it impossible to have sex. You:
I will eat up baby, I don't need sex
I need the sex, who cares if I'm fat
You go to court for something, and the judge rules that you either have to give up your computer or give up your tv, YOu
bye bye TV
see ya computer
When you get married, you have two choices. You can either marry a person who really loves you and does things for you and you are extreamly happy together, but only lives 15 years, or you can marry someone who you like, but never had this real connection, however this person will live for the next 85 years.
True love, even if it's short
I don't want to be alone for my life, the second one
Ok, lets say you get into an accident and you have to lose one thing would you lose seeing, hearing, or talking
Ok, last question. You have the choice between, ulimated wealth or knowledge.
This poll was created on 2003-06-02 21:30:50 by newwavegrl