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New Drizzt Do'urden movie casting call

There is already a poll concerning the cast choices for a hopefully future movie based on the adventures of everyones favourite dark elf , drizzt do urden , i thought i might add a new one with a few new options , let me know what you think
Who Should portray Drizzt Do'urden (Dark elf Ranger)
A.Wes Bentley(American beauty ,4 feathers
B.Jim Caviezel( Count of monte cristo)
C.Jason Isaacs ( Lucios malfoy -HP- CoS)
D.Hugh Jackman ( Wolverine Xmen)
E.Christian Bale ( Equilibrium)
Who Should Portray Bruenor Battlehammer (Dwarf and king of mitrhil hall)
A.Michael Chiklis( The shield)
B.John Goodman(Blues Brothers,sully-monsters.inc)
C.John.C.Reily(Boogie nights, Anger management)
D.Robert de Niro(Meet the parents, Goodfellas)
E.Tom Hanks( Forrest gump, The green mile)
Who should portray Wulfgar (Barbarian warrior)
A.Daniel Cudmore (Colossus-Xmen2)
B.Heath Ledger(4 Feathers,A kinights tale)
C.Brad Pitt(Seven, Meet Joe Black)
D.Ben Affleck(Daredevil,Dogma)
E.Ashton Kutcher(Just married)
Who should portray Regis ( Halfling Thief)
A.Owen Wilson(Shanghai Noon,Zoolander,i-spy)
B.Ben Stiller(Zoolander,Something about Mary)
C.Alessandro Nivola(Face off, Best laid plans)
D.Mike Meyers(Austin Powers)
E.Giovani Ribisi(Boiler Room,Gone in 60 seconds)
Who should portray Artemis Entreri (Human Assassin, Deadly)
A.Colin Farrell(The Recruit,Daredevil)
B.Ewan Macgregor(Trainspotting, Star Wars ep1
C.James Marsden(Xmen)
D.Justin Chambers(The musketeer)
E.Mark Dacascos( Brotherhood of the wolf)
Who should portray Catti-Brie (Bruenors Adopted human daughter)
A.Charlize Theron(Devils Advocate)
B.Drew Barrymore(CHarlie's Angels)
C.Alicia Witt(Urban Legends)
D.Brittany Murphy(8 Mile)
E.Anna Paquin(Xmen,The piano)
Who should portray Zaknafein (Drizzt's Father and mentor)
A.Dennis Quaid(Frequency,Dragonheart)
B.Mel Gibson(Lethal Weapon,Braveheart)
C.Russel Crowe(Gladiator)
D.Kurt Russel(Escape from New York)
E.George Clooney(Oceans 11, Three Kings)
Who should portray Jarlaxle (Mercenary leader-Charming)
A.Gary Dourdon(CSI)
B.Denzil Washington(Training day,malcom x)
C.Taye Diggs(Equilibrium,House on haunted jill)
D.Wesley Snipes(Blade,Passenger 57)
E.Benjamin Bratt(Miss Congenialty,Demolition Man)
Who should direct the movie
A.Peter Jackson(Lord of he rings,The frighteners)
B.Bryan Singer(Xmen,the Usual Suspects)
C.Steven Spielberg(Jurrasic Park,Jaws)
D.David Fincher(Seven,Fight Club)
E.Ridley Scott(Gladiator,Blade Runner)
This poll was created on 2003-05-31 12:34:02 by The Lone Drow