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The ages of people in Genesis Ch.5

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Pick up a Bible (any version is fine) and turn to Genesis, Chapter 5. In this chapter, the Bible states quite clearly that numerous people lived to nearly one thousand years of age. For example:
Adam lived to 930 years
Seth lived to 912 years
Enos lived to 905 years
Cainan lived to 910 years
Methuselah lived to 969 years
Most people would agree that some Scripture is open to interpretation, but when someone's age is given, it is either true, or it is false. So, which is it in this case? Give your verdict here!

1. Genesis Chapter 5 clearly states that several people lived to nearly one thousand years of age. Above are some examples. Are these ages true, or are they fiction?

40% (6) Yes, the ages given are literally true (pls answer question 2 <b>only</b>)
60% (9) No, it's pure fiction (pls answer question 3 <b>only</b>)

15 voters have answered this question.

2. So you believe that people in ancient times lived to be nearly 1,000 years of age. But how? Even today, with our modern medical technology, it is unusual for people to reach 100, and extremely rare for people to reach 110. What was different in ancient Biblical times that allowed people to live such long lives? (Check all that apply).

25% (2) The environment was clean and unpolluted
12% (1) Food was nutritious and without chemicals/additives
12% (1) There was some "magic" ingredient in food/environment which slowed ageing
25% (2) Human genetic structure was much stronger then
0% (0) The humans then were of a different species to today
50% (4) It was simply God's will for them to live longer
12% (1) The "years" in Genesis Ch.5 were much shorter than our years
12% (1) Other answer (pls post)

8 voters have answered this question.

3. You have stated that part of the Bible is pure fiction. But if this is fiction, how much of the rest of the Bible is also fiction?

10% (1) A small amount is fiction, but most is literally true
0% (0) A fair amount is fiction, but still the majority is literally true
0% (0) A lot of the major Bible stories are fiction, but the Gospels are true
30% (3) Much of the Bible is fiction, but it contains "key truths"
10% (1) Most of the Bible is fiction, but it contains "key truths"
30% (3) Almost all of the Bible is fiction
20% (2) The entire Bible is fiction

10 voters have answered this question.

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