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Do You Let Your Preteen Son Be Nude.

Just A Quick Poll.
Do you let your son be nude outside the tub?
Yes, He can be nude when he wants.
Yes, But he must be in his room.
Yes, But must stay inside.
Yes, But must stay out of his room.
Yes, But must be going to bed.
No, He knows he must always have clothes on out of bath.
No,But he does any way.
Do you let your son have friends over and be nude?
Yes, They can go any where
Yes, But must put on at least underwear before going outside.
Yes, But must stay in his room with the door open, if they leave his room must put on socks.
Yes, But must stay in his room with the door closed, if they leave his room must put on underwear.
Are you told not to check on them when they are nude?
Yes, But still do.
Yes, But will still make them every 30Minutes come and check in.
Do you let your son go outside when nude.
Have ever found your son playing with him or friend.
No, my son would not do that.
No, but I think he might.
Yes, and I yelled at him kid should not do that.
Yes, But he didn't know so I left quietly.
Yes, I told him that he shouldn't do that but I didn't care.
Have you ever taken Pictures when your son was nude.
Yes, he even posed.
Yes, but he got mad.
No, that's mean.
No, he is never nude.
Do does your son sleep in the same bed as his friend on Sleep Overs?
Yes, It's ok they're kids.
No, they must have differnt beds.
Do you spank your son?
Yes, He is my son he needs to learn the hard way, anyway what can he do abiut it.
No, That's wrong
If yes do you spank your son in front of his friends?
Yes, I think it works better.
No, I take him to a differnt room.
If your son's friend did some thing wrong would you spank him?
Yes, it's only fair.
No, I would spannk my son for not stopping him.
No, I still think it's wrong
This poll was created on 2003-05-01 22:25:33 by Smiith