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Screwed by a CPA?

Have you ever been screwed by a CPA as either your accountant or as your employer?
Have you ever hired a CPA?
Yes, to do my taxes.
Yes, to do accounting for my business.
No, they are too expensive.
No, I don't need one.
If yes, were you satisfied with his/her work, timeliness and price?
Yes, I was fully satisfied.
Yes, it was okay.
No, I was overcharged.
No, it took too long to get the work done.
No, they did work that was unnecessary.
No, the quality of the work sucked.
If you were not satisfied, what did you do about it?
I demanded a full or partial refund.
I sued the bastard.
I never went back to him/her.
I wimped out and did nothing.
Don't you find CPA's to be somewhat arrogant, above the rest of us commoners?
Yes, I sure do.
No, they are fine people.
Did you ever work for a CPA?
What was your job title?
1. Secretary.
2. Admin. Assistant.
3. Accountant
4. Auditor
5. Manager
6. Other clerical
7. Other professional
How were you terminated?
1. I quit.
2. I was fired.
3. The firm went out of business.
4. I retired.
Did the owner(s) or partners treat you fairly?
Yes, in all matters.
Yes, usually.
No, I was lied to.
No, I was treated like an idiot.
No, a promised bonus never came.
No, I had to work extra hours without fair comp.
Do you think people should pay the big bucks CPA's demand?
Yes, it's worth it.
No, it's ridiculous.
This poll was created on 2003-05-18 23:21:28 by 123.456