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What a real woman finds sexy about a man

I am a gentleman in my 30's who wants to find out what about a man- looks, etc to sexy and attractive to a woman.
Ladies, do you prefer a man who is a gentleman or an animal?
A) Gentleman B) Animal C) something else
What color eyes do you like?
A) Brown B) Blue C) Hazel D) Green
What color hair do you prefer?
A) Brown B) Black C) Blonde D) Sandy E) Red F) doesn't matter
Do you prefer short or long hair?
A) Long B) Short C) Bald D) doesn't matter
What kind of body build do you like?
A) Muscular B) Thin C) Stout D) Average E) Looks in shape F) Looks don't matter, it's what inside th
Do you like a beard, moustache or goatee?
A) Beard B) Moustache C) both A & B D) Goatee E) Clean shaven F) Doesn't matter as long it is well k
Do you like a man with a hairy chest or body?
A) Some chest hair B) very hairy chest C) hairy chest and stomache D) hairy like a bear all over E)
Do you prefer a guy to be athletic, musical or creative or some of both ?
A) Athletic B) Musical C) Artistic D) Bookworm E) a combination of the above F) Doesn't matter as he
G) he can sing
You you like a guy who sensitive, shy, romantic, outgoing or an animal?
A) Sensitive B) Shy C) Romantic D) Outgoing E) An animal
Do like a tall or short guy?
A) Tall B) Short C) doesn't matter
Does education matter?
A) Yes B) No
What kind of briefs do you find sexy?
A) Boxers B) Briefs C) Boxer-Briefs D) Bikinis E) nothing underneath
What do think of a guy who sleeps in the nude?
A) sexy B) Turn off C) Depends on his body D) don't care
Does a guy's ethnic background make a difference?
A) Caucasion or White B) Afro-American C) Bi-racial D) Asian E) European F) Indian G) Combination H)
What kind of music do you like?
A) Pop B) Jazz C) Country D) Classical E) Opera F) R & B G) Celtic H) The Blues I) Heavy metal J) Hi
This poll was created on 2003-05-07 19:42:53 by picfluman