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Cheerleading uniforms (For girls only)

I just seen a girl was suspended from her cheerleading squad because she protested that the skirt was to short. What do you think.
Do you think she should have been suspended?
Depends on circumstances
Do you think cheerleaders should be made to wear short skirts?
Yes, Its part of being a cheerleader
No,They should wear what they are comfortable in
Do you think she should have been allowed to wear a longer skirt that she was more comfortable with?
Yes, It should be the choice of each girl
No, Everyone should wear the same length
If a skirt is required what length should it be?
Knee Length
A little above the knee
Mid thigh
Shorter than mid thigh
Coaches choice, There is no room for shyness.
What do you think cheerleaders should be made to wear?
Skirt, Coaches choice of any length they want.
Skirt, The girls choice.
Shorts, Moderate length
Shorts, Very short
Sweat pants
What do you think is the main reason for cheerleaders wearing short skirts?
Ease of movement, But shorts would work the same.
Tradition, But years ago they wore ankle length.
So everyone looks the same.
Girls have nice legs so let everyone see.
For the boys enjoyment.
Because that is the way it is.
If you are a cheerleader what length of skirt are you required to wear?
Knee length
2 inches above knee
4inches above knee
Mid thigh
Top of the thigh
Even shorter
Are you comfortable with the length of skirt you are required to wear?
Yes, Completely
Yes, But it could be a little longer.
No, I wish we had something else to wear.
No, I feel way to exposed.
What is your limit of how short you will wear a skirt before you protest?
Top of thigh
Mid thigh
Above the knee
At the knee.
Would not join because of skirt at any length
This poll was created on 2003-09-24 18:20:14 by Val-jan