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Raising sons - OK for boys to go shirtless?

You can help settle an ongoing argument between my wife and I. Our two sons, ages 10 and 14 (and me too, to be perfectly honest) often like to go around without a shirt in the warm weather. Although my wife was OK with this in the earlier years of our marriage, she has recently started to complain that this practice is "barbaric and indecent" and not a proper way to raise sons. What do you think? Thanks! Please click on "talk about it" to add your comments!
You are:
In general, I think boys and men going shirtless especially in the warm weather is:
A perfectly normal thing for guys to do, not a big deal.
Barbaric and indecent, it shouldn't be done because many others find it offensive.
Inside our own home, when we don't have any guests over, the guys going shirtless should be:
OK pretty much any time, after all we're in the privacy of our own home.
Avoided, it just isn't proper to raise boys thinking this is OK.
Working outside in the yard (cutting grass, washing car, etc.) being shirtless is:
Perfectly acceptable, and a good way to stay cool.
Should not be done, you're on display to the public and they may be offended.
We have a swimming pool in our back yard. Often the boys are swimming all afternoon, I will throw some burgers on the grill for supper and when they get hungry they'll grab a burger and sit at the kitchen table for a couple of minutes to eat. It is NOT in any way a formal family dinner. My wife makes them put on a shirt first to eat. What do you think?
It's silly to make the boys put on a shirt for five minutes to eat in such an informal setting
Your wife is right, boys need to learn that eating shirtless at the table is barbaric
I agree with my wife that the boys and I should wear shirts if we have guests in a formal dinner setting. But what about when it's just the four of us?
It's still OK for the guys to be shirtless at a family dinner on a warm day.
This is more formal than the previous question, now you need shirts.
My 14-year-old cuts grass for pay for several neighbors, and always works shirtless, and goes from job to job without even carrying a shirt with him. Is this OK?
Sure, he just wants to stay cool, guys go shirtless a lot, no problem here!
No. It might offend his customers or passersby. He should always wear a shirt.
Sometimes I'll take the boys on a quick trip to the convenience store or gas station and we won't bother putting on shirts. I would never take the boys to a large shopping mall or supermarket shirtless, but I think small stores are OK. What do you think?
Sure, it's OK to go there shirtless, small stores and quick trips are no problem.
Sure, it's OK, and heck, why not go to the large stores and shopping malls shirtless too?
No. It's offensive, don't ever do it.
Is there an age limit for going shirtless?
It's OK for both boys and men to go shirtless.
It's OK for your boys, but you're an adult, you really need to wear a shirt now.
It's never OK, no matter what the age.
We have a vacation house on a lake about 100 miles from home, sometimes the boys and I will drive there in the car without putting on shirts. Is it OK to drive shirtless on a fairly long trip like this?
Sure, it's your car, you can do what you want!
No, you're on public display, you might offend the other motorists.
Should the boys and I vary our behavior depending on whether my wife is around?
No, your wife needs to loosen up, you should be able to go shirtless any time.
Yes, out of respect for your wife, you should only go shirtless when she's not there.
You should NEVER go shirtless anyway, it doesn't matter whether your wife is around or not.
IS it OK for the boys to visit a friend's house without putting on a shirt?
Yes, what they wear should not be dictated by anyone else.
Yes, but only if you know the friend's family is relaxed and accepting about being shirtless.
No, it's never OK.
This poll was created on 2003-04-09 04:50:52 by dantheman042003