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The White Boy Test

How much of a white boy are you?
1.Do you wear usually wear crappy clothes that make you like you want to get beat up?
1.Yeah i think its cool to wear those kinds of clothes.
2.I wear clothes like that sometimes, but not all the time.
3.No I like Urban Clothes
4.No I like Urban Clothes, And there's no way in hell that your gonna make me wear clothes that make
2.What kind of music do like to listen to?
1.I like love Rock music dude.
2.I listen to rock sometimes, but I also to other things.
3.I love to listen Rap and Hip Hop
3.Are you gay?
1.Of course I am What white boy isn't these days.
2.I think about guys, but am kinda nervous about gay.
3.No am straight, and I will never turn gay.
4.Am as straight as wood, gay isn's even in my vocabulary.
4.What do you think is coolest thing to do with your hair.
1.Grow it out to my eyebrows.
2.I don't care, I just want hairstyle that looks hard.
3.Cornrows to the back.
5.What celebrity or entertainer do think is cool?
1.Good Charlotte rocks!
2.Weezer Rocks!
4.Snoop Dogg
6.If you are gay have you come out about it.
1.Yes totally to my friends, and family.
2.I have come to some people like my friends, But haven't come out to my family.
3.No I have never came out about it.
4.I am not gay, and never will be gay.
7.What celebrity would you want in your dream date.
1.Aaron Carter
2.Erik Von Detten
3.Drake Bell
4.Arnold Swarzengger
5.LL cool J
This poll was created on 2003-03-30 02:31:33 by yug6176