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Is the Anti-Christ alive and among us today?

Opinions about the anti-christ are as wide and varied as the earth itself. I would like to compare opinions
Is the antichrist alive and among us today?
Yes and he is Benjamin Creme's Maitreya. More info at www.shareintl.org
Yes and he is Sun Myung Moon
Yes and he is another cult leader
Yes and he is Osama Bin Laden
Yes and he is Saddam Hussein
Yes and he is George W. Bush
Yes and he is someone other then above
Yes but it is impossible to determine his identity
I am not sure
No bible prophecy is 100% fulfilled and and the anti-christ is dead (IE-Hitler).
NO there are MANY anti-christs
NO revelaton is full of spiritualism and the anti-christ is not a person.
No--I am not a Christian you moron.
Was this poll thought provoking?
Yes I intend to learn more about Maitreya or Sun Myung Moon.
Yes I intend to study revelation more in depth.
No it was boring/stupid
No I already told you I am not a Christian
Will you please post a brief explaination as to why you believe what you do? Christians only please!
Sorry--I am too busy
No--I am outta here
No--Haven't you been listening I have already told you twice that I am not a Christian
This poll was created on 2003-03-29 14:56:40 by childof God