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TLM strikes again!!!

Yep. Me again. For those of you who don't know, I am TLM, a pollster who often has too much time on his hands... Hmm. Anyway, what you're about to see is a poll... about polls... Well, MY polls to be exact. WAIT! Don't leave yet! I need to know!!! You staying? ...Good. The rest of this is fairly self explanatory so go ahead, hit me with your best shot. -TLM
Ok. Firstly (just to make sure you're paying attention) Who am I?
A depraved computer nerd
That fruitcake that's been on the news...
Tabloid Lettering Magazine
IN MY PANTS!!! Hehehe...
This part is very IMPORTANT (note big letters on important). The list below is a checklist of the polls that I've made. If you haven't taken any of my polls there's no point going any further. Use the checklist to find the ones you haven't taken then get back here (You can find them all under TLM in the search - case sensitive) So, which polls have you taken?
"The Size That Counts"
"Not Quite Life or Death, Still..."
"Human Intelligence (or lack thereof)"
"FULL FRONTAL NUDITY!!! Then there's a poll..."
What did you think of "The Size That Counts"?
Too long
Too short
I'm not tellin you! Nyah!!! xp
Why (oh why) is it doing so well?
Because of the reasons above
Because someone added it to a computer virus
Because you sold your soul
Oh, I know! (post it)
Because of several four letter word starting with F
Did you like "Not Quite Life or Death, Still..."?
I know 3 people who commited suicide because of it
You're a sick depraved man... I pity you
Why is it doing so badly?
I don't know. Why are you asking me?!
Because you've angered God
It's just not funny (LIAR! -TLM)
It's so good they ration it out in small portions to third-world countries
Was "Human Intelligence (or lack thereof)" any good?
It's fabtrabulistic! (????-TLM)
Yeah, it was good
Nah, sucked harder than a golf ball
Hadmabblefrad kybroder
Why is THAT doing so badly?
I told you I DON'T KNOW!!!
It must be you... you smell
A tear in the space time continuem has opened up blah blah blah
Because you sacrificed seven small children... and that's bad
"FULL FRONTAL NUDITY!!! then ther's a poll...". Thoughts?
Me think? That outrageous!
I liked it, but I still don't know why...
It was good, not great
I want skin dammit!
Why is it going down the crud hole?
Probably cuz you didn't deliver with the nudes...
Due to a strange alliance between God and Satan
Five multi-colored parakeets
You smell... you really, REALLY smell...
Which was your favorite?
"The Size That Counts"
"Not Quite Life or Death, Still..."
"Human Intelligence (or lack thereof)"
"FULL FRONTAL NUDITY!!! Then there's a poll..."
"TLM Strikes again!"
None of them. You make me sick... and you smell
And finally the dreaded feedback question... Please give me feed back, Pleeeeeeeeeeeez
Yes (I would love to)
No (Screw you buddy)
Yes (But it will contain obscenities large and many)
No (But I'll give you the finger next time I see you)
This poll was created on 2003-03-16 23:58:15 by The Laughing Man