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Christ's Imminent Return

Israel became a nation again in 1948 Does this prove cause of Christ's soon return ???
How many years total did Jesus mean when He said This generation will Not pass away ???
20 Years
50 Years
70 Years
100 Years
If Our country has USA,Washington DC, The White House God's Government has the same thing Israel,Jerusalem and ... ???
The Burning Bush
His footstool
Ark of the Covenant
Mt. Zion Temple
When Anti-christ arrives governments will shudder ... How will He deceive many ???
supernatural signs & wonders
speaking in tongues
a talking idol
Knowing the End Times are 7 years total... When is the First Rapture ???
Before the Great Tribulation
After it
After 40 days
after 3 and a half years
When Christ returns He said every eye shall see Him ... How ???
The Internet
Newspaper Headlines
He'll come upon a cloud
The other day on TV a scientist said We'd be lucky to see 2012AD When do You feel Jesus will return for His church ???
I don't really care
Not in My lifetime
Much later
By 2010AD
By 2015AD
When Jesus said Watch & Be Ready ... What did He mean ???
Be "good" boys & girls
Use a police scanner
Check the Weather Channel
Read the Bible
"Believe & Be Baptized"
How young was Jesus when He was baptized ???
Under 1 year
1-2 years
12 years old
approx. 30
Jesus said unless anyone is Baptized he Cannot ? ... the Kingdom of God ... Ye MUST be born anew
Buy or Sell
Read or Write
Try or Taste
See or Enter
What did God Promise to King David ??? Because He is Holy, He Cannot break His Promise
To be with Him always
Food & Clothing
A winning lottery ticket
An Eternal Unshakable Kingdom
The Real Problem of life is ???
Money / Taxes
Food,clothing & shelter
To retire
We expire
The Answer to All problems Is that Christ Return as there is NO human solution !!!
Thy Kingdom come ... ON Earth
Behold, I make All things New
Come quickly, Lord Jesus Amen
This poll was created on 2003-02-27 01:00:57 by mrbilliam