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Evil Mastermind II: Pie is Good! (JK)

Well, you asked for it...actually most of you asked for pie, but as I have none you get the next best thing! Yay! These questions are designed to see how you would handle everyday situations in the life of an evil mastermind.
Good morning sleepy head. It's time to get up and greet the new day. How do you greet it?
"Hello, Mister Sun. Hello, Clouds. Hello, my destructive laser."
A good healthy breakfast as it's the most important meal of the day.
Jumping jacks.
I dismiss the harem I have draped across my bed.
I think evil thoughts. Hee hee.
I destroy the world.
I destroy my neighbor.
I don't get up. I procrastinate...cause well...y'know...I'm evil.
Your son/daughter/henchman has missed the bus to school. What do you do? What DO you do?
I throw on my robe and some shoes and drive him/her to school.
I make him/her walk the five miles through the blinding snow and attack dogs.
I let him/her stay home and help me with my secret weapon.
I target the school bus with my laser and blast the hell out of it.
I take over the school.
I scold the child for his/her negligence and tell them the story of when I was a kid...
The woman/man you've secretly been in love with tells you that she/he feels the same way. Rrrowr! However, they want you to give up being evil. Um...
I give up my evil evil ways as world domination comes and goes, but true love is forever.
I pretend to change, but secretly my "desk job" involves killing secret agents and lasers.
Tell her/him that to love me is to love my evilness and hope they understand.
Tell her/him that to love me is to love my evilness and if they can't accept that...I'll kill them.
Chain her/him in your dungeon until they can't help but love your quirky ways.
Accept that it can never be and just continue to watch them from afar...through your giant telescope
Boy is this embarassing, you're at the grocery store and you run into your newest arch nemesis. What do you say?
"Nice weather we're having."
"You watching the game this weekend?"
"So...you still living at 245 N. Greenview Rd. Yeah, I've seen it..."
"Do you know if this is the "sell by" date or the "expiration" date?"
"Boy this is awkward...I just had your sidekick killed."
I say nothing! I kill him with a loaf of french bread, rob the store and steal the latest TV guide
I ignore him/her and go about checking expiration dates on the gallons of milk.
You decided to deposit that ransom check you got from the UN, but just as you get up to the window a group of men in masks enter the building waving their guns. WHAT...do you...DO?
Sit down with the rest of the hostages and pretend to be invisible.
Take them down and chance looking like a hero (note: the bank has your money).
Point out how cliché they're acting and show them how to do it properly.
Hire them as henchmen.
Hire them as cannonfodder...wait that's the same thing as henchmen...
Rob them.
Get shot (admit it, with no weapons you'd go down faster than an zeppelin).
You turn the corner of your street and notice something...different. Oh my god, someone has built their own evil base of operations right next to yours. How do you act to this "competition"?
What competition? He/she is going to fail like a dotcom business.
I invite them over and see if we can combine forces against those who would do us wrong.
I offer a fruit basket.
I offer a fruit basket...with a explosive melon!
I kidnap their child.
I kidnap their dog.
I steal their paper.
I kill them with my laser when they go out to get their morning paper.
If they're hot I make with the nice. If they're not I make with the laser.
Your favorite show is about to come on (Friends, Whose Line, Mister Rogers, whatever), but just as the theme song starts there's a knock at your door. It's that new arch nemesis of yours and he/she wants to "do battle". How do you handle this?
I send my group of henchmen to keep him busy until after my show.
I send my one really special henchman (metal teeth or a flying hat or something)
Three words...Trapdoor Welcome Mat.
I explain that I'm very busy and that I wou-I SHOOT HIM/HER! BANG! There that didn't take too long
I ask if we could possibly reschedule for sometime tomorrow.
I ask to reschedule, but when he/she pulls out their Pilot I stab or shoot him/her.
On the weekend you decide to hold a barbecue for all the local evil masterminds. However, everyone is just standing around. What do you talk about? (Oooo, you can pick more than one!)
The latest torture methods
That article in Martha Stewart Living
The new Secret Agent
That hot evil mastermind Mistress Delicious
The new evil mastermind next door (unless he/she is there, then you talk about pie)
Secret Weapons and Plans for World Domination
George W. Bush
Evil Pornography
The new Pauly Shore movie
Any movie, but Pauly Shore's
The book you're reading for your book club
Old World Domination stories
Aw poopie! Your guests are still bored and are threatening to leave...they're also threatening to kill you, but that's normal. It's time to break out the games! Who's up for... (another multi-select)
Truth or Dare
Spin the Bottle
Hide and go seek
Trivial Pursuit
Win, Lose, or Draw
Chutes and Ladders
Naked Twister
Black Jack
Go Fish
Strip Poker
Strip Go Fish
Well, it's been another fun week in the land of Evil. Feel free to post a message in "Talk about this Poll" especially if I forgot one of your favorite party games. Guess all that's left to ask is...should I continue?
Yes...more evil...we love it.
More pie.
No more evil, please.
No more pie. I'm too full.
Try tackling another venue aside from the Evil Mastermind (like secret agents or pirates...hmmmm)
Try tackling a pie. It's messy.
Squirrels are reading my mind.
My girlfriend is sexy. :P
This poll was created on 2003-03-06 17:43:41 by Pyrate