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Take a personal survey.

Hi, my name Alaina. The goal of doing this survey is just to get an idea of peoples personal ideas,why?????????just because I'm cureious. So, please take this survey, because I'm really cureious to know what you think about my questions.
What religion are you?
a.Agnostic b.Atheist c.
If Christian, what denomination?
a.Baptist b.Catholic c.E
What race are you?
a.Black b.Hispanic c.Nati
Imagine this scenario. You would be in no extra Physical danger while having a baby than anyone else who was to have a baby, but Perhaps you were raped, or could loose your job if you gave birth to a baby. Do you think that it would be justified, if you or somebody you knew had an abortion in that scenario?
a.Yes b.No
Take this scenario. You were telling someone that you were either in love with them (in a sexual or non sexuel relationship),or that you wanted to only to have a sexuel relationship with them. In that scenario, have you ever had another sexuel relationship?
a.Yes b.No
If you are a male. Have you ever physicaly abused your wife, even in the slightest way?
a.Yes b.no
This poll was created on 2003-03-04 00:46:38 by A.J.W.