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Married Women

Mixed wrestling and armwrestling has become one of the hottest topics on the internet. My wife and I have started competing against each other often in these sports. To my surprise, the results have been unbelievable. She beats me more often than not in armwrestling, and I have never beat her in wrestling. It has also spiced up our sex life. With that in mind, please answer these questions we have came up with honestly.
Have you ever wrestled your husband in a match you both really tried to win?
Yes, more than once.
One time.
Never, I want to try.
Never, don't care to.
Have you ever armwrestled your husband in a match you were both really trying to win.
If you have, who is stronger?
Wife much stronger.
Wife a little stronger.
Husband much stronger.
Husband a little stronger.
If you won, did you know you were stronger before you competed? Did he know?
We both knew I was stronger than him.
He was surprised, I was not.
I was surprised, he was not.
We were both surprised.
Have you beat another guy in wrestling or armwrestling since you were sixteen?
Yes, a lot of guys.
Yes, One or two.
No, I lost.
No, I have not tried.
Though I outweigh my wife by 55 pounds, she is much stronger than I am. We were married for five years before I learned this. She said she was not surprised but had never really thought about it. We both walk and try to stay in shape. Is this normal that she is so much stronger than me?
Yes, a lot of women are stronger than their lovers but do not talk about it.
Yes, many women dominate their lovers for fun.
No, it's not normal and I should be embarassed.
If you have not tried this, would you like to try testing your husbands strength against yours?
Yes, I'd like to find out who is stronger.
Yes, I think I could beat him.
Yes, just once for fun.
No, not interested.
No, if I did beat him it might cause problems.
If you were still engaged to him, and one you beat him badly in wrestling and/or armwrestling, would you still love and respect him.
Yes, I love him no matter what.
Yes, I would love him anyway.
Yes, I could have fun with this.
No, I don't think I could handle being with a man who is not near as strong as I am.
If it has not happened, who do you think would win and how close would it be?
I could beat him easily.
I could barely beat him.
We are pretty close in strength.
He could beat me easily.
He would probably win.
We already know that women's muscle is more effiecient than men's. Pound for pound women are stronger-it's been scientifically proven. Do you see a possible role reversal in the future in terms of women being the protecters of men?
No never.
Because of mass, this will probably never change.
I see things probably evening out.
This poll was created on 2003-01-29 22:09:49 by hog