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Petiquitte - A Pet Fact Poll

Welcome to random questions about your pets. They will be humorous, so be forewarned.
Your dog starts to hump your leg while your friends are over. Do you...
Hump it back.
Saw off your leg so its new tainted sense will never again be one with your body.
Throw the dog across the room and take a five hour bath.
Laugh and nuzzle with the cute little doggy.
Sit back and enjoy the ride.
You wake up to find a cat sleeping on your face. You...
Go back to sleep.
Slowly inhale the cat through your nose, and cough it out your mouth.
Grab the cat and start rubbing it on your head, until it sticks to the ceiling with static electrici
Throw it across the room.
Whip it. Whip it good.
Your ferret has escaped. You find it by...
Laying a piece of halibut on the floor to lure it out of its hiding place.
Strip the floor and ceiling and sell all your belongings until it is finally uncovered.
Take off all your clothes, shave your head, glue it to your body, and try to think like a ferret, ob
Set some mouse traps. A dead ferret is better than a lost ferret.
Spray some ferret juice on the floor. Ferret's love that kinda stuff.
Your cat falls in the toilet, and cannot get out. You get it out by...
Plunging it out.
Yelling racist cat slurs at it until it leaves, embarrassed and offended.
Explain to the cat that it is infringing on your rights as a toilet using human.
Sit down and start going #2, hoping the stench will force the cat out.
Blow up the toilet.
Your new pet rabbit's name is...
Biscuits and Cream
Hair all over the damn couch
Jessica Rabbit
Little Bunny Foo Foo (Bop Bop!)
Rabbit? That's a donkey.
You fart in the presence of your new girlfriend. You blame it on...
The dog
The cat
Your brother
The leather chair
You own a horse. On a ride out on a trail, suddenly, the horse becomes wild and crazy. You...
Try to calm the horse by petting it.
Kick the horse until it succumbs to your awesome power.
Jump off the horse and into the ravine.
Magically turn the horse into a teapot (Damn you, Harry Potter)
Horse? That's a donkey.
How much does the average dog cost?
Cost? Can't I just steal my neighbors?
$12 and all your best ladies
Your Soul (Damn you again, Harry Potter!)
You own a parrot. It's favorite phrase to repeat is...
Polly want a cracker?
Bend over.
Can I have a turn with the whip?
Taco Bell.
This poll was created on 2002-12-22 21:28:57 by Porcell78