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Male Locker Room Inequality

Lack of Privacy

Posted by JessIE2hot on 2006-10-30 05:12:04

I feel that the worst thing about all male locker rooms that I have used is the lack of privacy. I guess people just assume guys don't need as much privacy or something. In high school I remember hating the locker room because we had to shower after P.E. Both the shower area and the changing area was communal; basically, the whole guy's locker room was one big room. The toilet stalls didn't even have doors. I heard it was a lot different with the girl's locker room.

Now I am a member at a local gym. I use the place because it is cheap and near my home, but there is a complete lack of privacy. I find it interesting to walk by the women's locker room and find a sign on the door specifically prohibiting males from entering, while no such sign exists on the men's locker room door. In fact there is no rule about women not being aloud in the men's locker room at all. I frequently find female staff members entering while I am in a state of undress. Any female, staff or not, is permited to enter. Sometimes I get done working out and enter the men's locker room wanting a shower only to find multiple clothed women talking to guys. Some are nice and leave when they find out I want a little privacy to take a shower in the open shower area that is completely visible to anyone in the changing area, but others refuse to leave. I often find myself stripping naked and taking a shower in front of a crowd of clothed females. It is embarrassing, but I find I am getting used to it.

Posted by Skyfox on 2006-11-05 04:09:56

I personally don't mind the lack of privacy in locker rooms and see nothing wrong with it. My only privacy requirement, which seems universally agreeable, is that there be doors on toilet stalls. I don't care about urinals, but when I'm dropping a deuce I don't need an audience.

As far as open shower and changing areas, it's no big deal. While it's rare for females to come in I have no problem with that. I do agree that it's an inequality that there are less restrictions on females entering male lockers than males entering female lockers. The way to eliminate inequality and save building expense/resources is to have coed locker rooms. If everybody would just get used to nudity, changing, and showering among males and females, it would lead to healthier mental attitudes about one's own body and all human bodies.

Posted by Donald Dumpsfiels on 2006-11-05 16:29:43

Male Locker Room Inequality

I once belonged to an older YMCA. It had been sexually integrated so there was no nude swimming but there was an exercise room accessible only to users of the men's lockers. I prefer to work out in the nude. It is more comfortable to me to not have to use clothing which collects sweat and I have carry around. There is a national effort to prevent male to male sexual contact in athletic areas.

Posted by dippinskinny on 2006-11-08 05:00:43

State of Ill repair

From what I know women's locker rooms tend to be fancier and maybe more private. The more privacy for women is fine with me. All I want is a nice clean place that does not appear run down. I would much rather have new fresh tile in a gang shower than an old ratty private shower anyday.

Posted by fireice987 on 2006-11-09 04:48:37

The only thing that I think is really different between the boys and girls changing rooms at my school is the shower area. For the guys it is an open shower and for the girls I hear that they have individual stalls. There aren't any doors on either locker room. We do see the female gym teacher in the men's locker room every now and then, even when we are changing, but I doubt the male gym teachers ever go in the women's locker room.