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Is there a great evil among us?

Evil Pac-Man

Posted by Billy Cole Dandridge on 2006-09-19 11:29:53

Evil Pac-Man, unlike regular Pac-Man is huge, blue, and evil. Created in a mixture of science and black magic by the nazis, they thought he could turn the tides of battle.

They were wrong.

Evil Pac-Man went against his creators and went into hiding and he was never seen again... until now.

Now he's coming to get you Boyd, and he will not stop until you are dead. So watch your every step, it may be your last.

(inside joke)

Posted by dave3 on 2006-09-28 19:12:40

See?!! This is the kind of revisionist history I'm always ranting about!How are good people supposed to know that none of this actually happened?Where is Evil Pac-Man?Why can't we see him?Why does he hide?

Posted by Dr.pain on 2006-09-28 21:06:53

Who Are you Nailheads!? Why do you think pac man is evil.

Posted by Billy Cole Dandridge on 2006-09-30 00:29:22

I thought you may have known Dr. Pain, after all you did create this poll, but I suppose you do not really know the truth, and this was just another pathetic conspiracy theorist's attempt at speculation. I pity you, because one day Evil Pac-Man will come for you too, and if Boyd, Tom Hopkins and regular Pac-Man have not weakened him drastically by then, then you, along with the rest of the world will come to an end.

As for you Dave, Evil Pac-Man was not truly in hiding, just a metaphor, Evil Pac-Man does not hide... he waits. What was he waiting for? Who knows, all that is known is that "Scrotum" Boyd made Evil Pac-Man angry, and now he, just like so many others who tried and failed is coming for him and will not falter until he is just pulp in his maw.

Evil Pac-Man IS the greatest evil, but if you do not wish to prepare, then it IS, quite literally, your funeral.

Posted by dave3 on 2006-10-29 02:36:01

I don't know--this sounds much like the events of "All-Star Squadron" issues 11-13(1982)...only it was a giant eye.Of course,many of today's events seem inspired by my old comics.