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Girls sitting on boys

reasons for sitting on boys

Posted by wrestle_me on 2006-09-26 00:06:30

I love to be sat on by a girl....love the dominance I guess....what did you say, sorry I didnt understand?

Posted by suck on your tits on 2006-09-27 14:37:26

i'm 30 yr old and i hav a 16 yr old toyboy and i sit on him naked and make him lick me out. i also sit on his chest and wank him off n then make him eat his own cream. i also just like to feel dominant or i like causing him pain so sometimes i get my husband to wrestle him and watch him squirm in holds. i also love makin my skinny weak boy giv bigger guys blowjobs and just generally watch him squirm. i often get him to wrestle i beat the $%!@ out of him and make himgive up in humiliatingly painful holds and also play wiv his little $%!@ and i record it. but 1 of my favorite things is face siting until he loses conscousness and then making my husband $%!@ all over him and then beat him good when he wakes up.

Posted by lisa15 on 2006-10-11 01:05:35

The reason to sit on boys is to show them who's the boss. LOL, just kidding of course. I wrestled for the first time with a boy and I kicked his $%!@. I was too fast and too strong and at the end I just sat on top of him. It made me feel so strong and he must have felt really weak. I will do this again for sure. Girls rule, boys drool.

Posted by Keely Valentine on 2006-10-14 04:26:51

just for the fact that I am superior to them, the other day my boyfriend had a friend over and when they were watching football, I came over and pulled his friend off the couch beat the $%!@ out of him then sat on his face till he passed out.

Posted by Pablo_Santana on 2006-10-21 00:58:33

What a bunch of pussies.