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Was Jesus Gay?


Posted by Cragslad on 2006-07-12 16:27:51

yer gonna burn boy.

We'll never know, we'll we?

I think according to the dogma, he wasn't "gay," he was "A."

I for one don't see why Jesus has to have been asexual and unmarried, why certain Christians feel the need to maintain this line to preserve Christ's divinity and sinlessness. I mean, even if you believe that pre-marital sex is a sin and take that as a given, why would it be a problem if Christ were married?

It is said that sex is not a sin if it's done in wedlock and solely for the purpose of having kids. (pff.) But Christ didn't do this, even tho there'd be nothing wrong with it.

I can only conclude that the reason Christ supposedly never had sex, even within wedlock to procreate, was because even then, there is still something dirty and sinful about sex. i.e. people who have sex within wedlock solely to procreate are less sinful than people who have premrital sex, but more sinful than people who never have sex, period.

All this serves to imbue us with guilt about our most primal, instinctual urge--the joyful urge to fvck.

Posted by dippinskinny on 2006-07-13 02:13:41

Wouldn't that be an interesting mental conflict for people to sort out within a person's faith, Jesus, the very son of God gay, a clear no no according to some parts of the Bible.

But remember, if you read the Bible close enough almost everything is forbidden. We, the human race, tend to be selective in our adherence. If I'm right, killing is wrong as per scripture. Where does it say only killing other humans is what it meant. Could it not also mean cows and pigs, etc. should not be killed. Who decided where we draw the line on killing? Just food for thought. After all it's faith, not fact.

Posted by Cragslad on 2006-07-13 14:11:59

What about in Exodus when God tells Moses how they're supposed to kill the Passover lamb? Or the tale of the prodigal son and the killing of the fatted calf? I'm sure there are many other examples. So it's pretty clear that from a Biblical perspective, killing animals and eating meat is OK.

Posted by dippinskinny on 2006-07-15 01:57:32

Cool, I wasn't sure anyone would make references when responding. I appreciate the educated response.

Posted by BBQ Platypus on 2006-07-21 02:12:43

No, the reason Jesus didn't have sex is that He had no reason to want to. He is not affected by the biological need to reproduce because He already is going to live forever - no need for descendants. Although His body might have been human, the need was not present, and therefore was not an issue.