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Sissy satisfaction?

My sissy life

Posted by sissy1 on 2009-03-11 16:27:27

My gf is bigger and stronger than me, I am a wuss, i let my gf do everything. one day, she asked me to take off all my clothes and she gave me panties and a dress and said this is what you should wear and you're not a man. she said i was her wife', she proceeded to do makeup and she dressed me up all pretty, I was embarrassed but she kissed me and said, no matter what you wear, i will always love you. she said that from now on i will only wear dresses and panties at home. I woke up next day and she came back from work, and she said "A girls gotta look pretty at all times and she gave me a white dress and makeup". I was embarrassed. She kissed me and she touched all over my body as if to signify her dominance.

The next day she told me that if i was a good girl, she would let me play with her "Other boyfriend". I didn't know what to do, i kept quiet. She brought over her other bf and i was sitting in the corner. he came to me and just looked at me. I was embarrassed and ashamed.

her bf left and my gf came to my ears and said "You want to suck his $%!@, don't you?". I was shocked but then she kissed me again and said "now tell me", I just nodded my head.

She said you're a girl and to be a complete girl you need to play with her boyfriend. The next day she brought him again, this time he grabbed me and kissed me. I was shocked, next she said "Do you want to give him a blowjob?". I just nodded my head and then she kneeled me down and I DID IT.

She then asked me how it was, i blushed and she knew i liked it. (I secretly liked it too). she said "If you don't say yes then i'll never call him back". I shouted "Yes". and she said "That's a good girl".

MY gf wears panties and i wear the pants, she has turned me into a $%!@sucker because i wasn't good enough to be a man.

Posted by kathyann26ts on 2014-11-14 18:13:15

My sister & step-mother have helped me with my sissification & feminization for years. I started wearing feminine clothing when I was 6 full time, now I am 29. Anyways, I now have a girlfriend that is also helping out with my training as well. When i was 16 is when my sister started me on sucking $%!@. And, to this day, I love it. But, i really love being sandwiched with a hard $%!@ in my mouth & sissy $%!@ at the same time, pumping me full with tasty $%!@.

Posted by 2gud on 2015-12-07 13:56:08

Lately, my girlfriend and I (we live together) have experimented with her dressing and treating -- to some extent -- me as a sissy. We find we both enjoy it. I had some experience being treated that way when I was in an all-boys boarding school in grades 9-11. I was a year younger than my class, small and had less masculine of a body. I never dressed as a sissy, but there was some treatment. I was never completely comfortable with it. Now, with a girl, I do like it. We shaved my body hair, and she puts me in feminine clothes -- dresses, panties, etc. -- recombs my longish hair and puts on makeup. She tells me I'm pretty, and I can't deny that. I will stay that way all weekend when possible, much of the time just going through our usual routine. I am not her slave and there is no abuse (I don't consider spanking abuse), but when it come sex during these sessions, I am on the receiving end. She's learned to use a strapon very effectively. She has me drop to my knees and suck, then she phux me in the @$$.

Posted by malemaid7349 on 2018-02-17 10:51:50

How lucky can you get. Not only a mistress who appears to be very dominant but a man who is willing to treat you as a girl. Maybe with some encouragement from you they may set up home together or even get married and then keep you as their slave and maid. Just imagine it wearing a maid uniform every day so visitors can clearly see what you are and they have to do all the housework and be punished if it is not done properly. Imagine that skirt up knickers down and over your masters knees with his hard hand or belt descending on your bottom while you mistress stands watching and pointing out some areas of your bottom that are not quite red enough. There is also the advantage that if the situation changes and they can no longer keep you then as a valuable item of livestock you can be sold to a new owner