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wasting water

Wasting water

Posted by brjedi26 on 2006-06-01 02:23:35

It's my opinion that you're not wasting water. Water is recycled extremely efficiently. It's the wasting of the person's money that is paying for the water that $%!@es me off.

Posted by Tyson...... of Australia!! on 2006-07-03 00:41:57

Many places in Australia have a very finite water supply with irregular rainfalls. As such 'wasting' water becomes very real.

Posted by Donald Dumpsfiels on 2006-08-24 01:47:14

wasting water

I live in area serviced by a water company owned by Baltimore City, Maryland. Every couple of months I have pay about $10 for the water for a medium sized house. Baltimore is noted for having water that is comparable to New York City water which considered the finest quality. I do not worry about wasting water but I do not try to use a lot even though it is cheap. Baltimore could make a fortune if it bottled the water. There are some springs in the area which anybody can use. They run constantly with no attempt to market. One of the springs was used by the railroads a century ago. If you want good cheap water move to Baltimore.