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You and your parents

just for a bit

Posted by Etta on 2006-05-19 15:18:13

I am not really scared of them, but I think twice about disobeying my Mum, she is really strict!

Posted by simonJ on 2006-06-02 16:18:33

My parents

My parents are quite strict. But I know where I stand. Me and the kid both kbow. We don't like it when we get punished, and sometimes argue with our parents. But I am not scared of them. Not really. I think the kid may be. A bit. Our dad hits us hard, but is not unfair or abusive. I love and respect both my parents.Mostly they respect me too. But this I know. My parents love me and the kid unconditionally, and even if/when our lives seems to be falling apart they will still be there for us. Parents are awesome

Posted by just another care kid on 2007-01-26 23:09:49

were do i start, i hope 4 all u guys sake ive had an unusual life.

i am scared of my mum (only parent i know worst day of my life was wen i worked out that my dad was probably a "client") but not of violence im scared she could get me back someday and then all the good stuff ive don with my life in the last year would b wasted.

I hav no respect no love and no like 4 that junkie b1tch.

If she respected me she wouldnt have kept spending all the money on smack and not having enuf left 4 food, or kept getting bfs who hit her and me or kept getting sent 2 prison, so i gess wat i mean 2 say is no, she doesnt respect me.

Help me? u got 2 b kidding, im not her and i dont cause highs she barely knows i exist. same 4 punish.

I live in other, ive been in care on and off 4 like 3/4 of my life and constantly since i was 8, ive been in evry kind of care, including ydc, but now i am in a long term foster placement.

run away? 5 times baby, im a runner, once i even ran from a high supervision care home, which is sposed 2 b impossible. longest time on the street is 1 month, its hard 2 stay there cos every cop who sees a kid sleeping rough will nick them and call the ss.

my curent foster parents on the other hand no, yes, 2 soon 2 tell, yes, always, (foster) mum, (foster) mum, other (with them), once, and i trashed my room and set fire 2 the recycling bin, but they somehow still 4gave me and took me back. I think these r the best people in the world.

Posted by just another care kid on 2007-01-26 23:12:30

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