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marvel vs DC

Silver Surfer vs Superman

Posted by SecretJuggernaut on 2008-02-24 20:11:44

The People Who Voted Superman Dont Know What SS's Powers Are. He Can Turn Superman's Skin Into Krytonite. Bye Bye Superman

Posted by bonesboy08 on 2008-03-16 21:40:16

I am sorry that is not true. Silver surfer can only turn non-living objects such as lead

or steel as well many other non-living things the only thing the silver could do is

give superman more powers. Silver surfer died after he was killed by the symbiote carnage where ss commited suicide by flying into the sun.

Superman on the oether hand has had kryptonite infused into his bloodstream and survived.

He has also been stabbed with with kryptonite and thrown into a red sun.

As well as doing the following: A man who has flown to the edge of the universe in seconds. He has turned back time. Held a blcak hole in the palm of his hands. Broken space and time with a single punch ( the universe would colapse if that really happened). Flown so fast he broke sapce and time and nearly punched God in the face. He has fought gods and Arch angels and won. He has BLown out stars like candles. Destroyed galaxies by sneezing and creating galaxies out of practically nothing.