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Do you believe in god?

God as "first cause"

Posted by _nice_guy on 2007-12-21 21:29:01

To answer your poll in a little more detail...I believe God exists because I've never observed something from nothing. When I see a painting, I assume a painter did it. When I see a building, I assume a builder, architects, laborers, etc. When I see a clock, I assume there was a clock maker. Nature is infinitely more complicated than the above named things. The human body itself is an astoundingly intricate thing. To me, logically, there has to be a designer...or to quote French philosopher, Rene DesCartes..."God must of necessity exist."

Science espouses a theory of a "first cause." That if something is in motion, something had to move it. I think the concept of God, offers a logical (at least for me) answer to what was the "first cause."

Posted by mlau on 2008-01-03 22:51:40

Ok, not to start an argument or anything but i think that if you follow those rules then what created God? And if you say he was always there, you may aswell just say the universe was always there.

Posted by the old wise man on 2008-01-05 08:51:15

You ask “What created God?” This question is asked by many people, and I think most of them (not necessarily you) are just parroting Richard Dawkins. The answer is that NOBODY created God, and this is easily demonstrated: When God created the universe He created all four dimensions; the three dimensions of space and the one dimension of TIME. Logic then dictates that if God created TIME, then He lives OUTSIDE of the dimension of time, therefore He never experienced a beginning and will not experience an end. The concept of Heaven and hell fit into this perfectly because they are both ETERNAL (not bound by time). God now dwells in the same place He did before He created space and time; a timeless ‘dimension’.

The universe couldn’t have always existed because it is subject to time, God is not.

Posted by the old wise man on 2008-02-13 08:11:56


A more accurate sentence would be; “Here is hotbot again with more vacuous dribble from a dimwit who can’t even mount the most simple defence of his religion of evolution”.

Posted by Tralhob on 2008-02-21 22:29:51

Even if God is 'outside space and time,' this doesn't matter. You are still positing something that requires no creation. Why can't that something be the universe itself? Granted, the universe had a beginning, but this is not to say it needed a conscious act of creation. It could have appeared out of nothing. Why not? That's essentially what you think God made it do. Your assumption is that an ex nihilo burst into existence necessitates a consciousness to make it happen; that it can't just happen for no reason at all.